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  1. You've said mostly pretty solid things but I would say that the average salary number is way off, especially for SLPs. Graduates of school leadership program who end up taking leadership positions in the area start off above 80k (that's the lowest end of Assistant Principal salaries in MA, to say nothing of comps in NY, CA, IL where most SLP grads head to after). I remember when I did this research around application time, average salaries for Ed. M. was $62K. As far as the SLP program is concerned, it is worth its (financial) weight in gold.
  2. Many many congratulations to all of you. I am an HGSE' 15 graduating student and instead of living alone, I was part of a six-person house of students coming to HGSE from India, Florida, Pakistan, Texas, France, and New York. Intentionally, we are all from different cohorts and from many different countries and religions. Staying together, we have been able to make the most of the (very) short year at HGSE. Right from insight into dozens of different courses we were collectively taking, to getting the opportunity to network across HGSE’s 13 cohorts, to sharing an Uber to events happen
  3. Congratulations to everyone who got admitted! This is such an exciting time for you and the beginning of what I promise will be a transformative journey. As current students, we are looking forward to welcoming you on campus soon and are getting ready to engage with the great minds that will be joining us soon. I saw lots of questions about scholarships and fin-aid. Based on the experience from last year, I can share that that information has not yet been released and will probably be shared out by the time you're getting ready to make a decision to fly out for admitted students' day.
  4. you're fine! HIGH! true-around 4%. Everyone should apply for deferral to masters. A good bird in hand.
  5. ummmm...rhfer...HGSE has programs with an acceptance rate over 50%. I wouldn't worry.
  6. Good morning HGSE hopefuls. Last year, when I was going through this extremely stressful process, a couple of current HGSE students stepped into our year's thread and gave some valuable information. As such, I want to pay it forward and offer some suggestions: 1. Connect with a current student who is an ambassador. You can do this here: http://www.gse.harvard.edu/admissions/student-and-alumni-ambassadors 2. In connecting with students or admissions department, try your best not to ask questions the answers to which are already listed on websites. 3. At the same time, questions about whic
  7. I am going to Harvard. My 4 roommates are as follows: 1. Fresh out of India's top school undergrad, never worked a day in his life. GRE=similar to yours. 2. 2 years ago undergrad from no-name uni. Worked at non-profits (started a non-profit connecting people). Average academics. 3. 4 years experience working for ed-tech startup, out of UC-Berkley. No idea about scores. 4. 7 years experience teaching in district schools. Scores are slightly higher than yours. 5. My story is below. I think you have a great chance of getting into the schools you've mentioned. I would venture to sugges
  8. Direct supervisors, always. Between LORs, you should have: 1. Direct (and current) supervisor 2. Professor-preferably someone you've done research with 3. Pick one between an ex-supervisor and ex-professor-whoever is strongest.
  9. Jordan and I are two, recently introduced, incoming HGSE students, super excited to make the most out of our short time at HGSE. We’re seeking 3-4 roommates who are just as pumped. We’d like to find a big house where we can live together, community-style, among folks who enjoy deep conversation about educational equity, social entrepreneurship and other creative outlets to get the most out of our collective experience. Hopefully, by the end of the year we’ll discover/develop some type of social project that resonates with each of our passions. If not, that’s cool too. More importantly, our h
  10. This is hard to advise on without any names. If your choices are Harvard, Columbia and University of Miami; Harvard is the best pick in terms of slightly cheaper/better housing than NYC. Harvard's name is also usually immune from fluctuations in the job market and gives you the best shot at getting sponsored for work visas post graduation. This is a shot in the complete dark btw.
  11. This is good to hear. I don't mean to, at all, undermine the work people do for education outside of the campus either; just that I think that when kids interact with people from Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, xyz these big intimidating names seem pretty accessible and within reach to them
  12. You are right. Harvard has 13 concentrations at the Master's level. Out of these (arguably) only three prepare students to unequivocally work directly with students at the school level. These are Prevention Science and Practice (PSP), School Leadership Program (SLP) and the Teacher Education Program (TEP). This is not to say that other concentrations cannot go into working directly with students; it just seems that the programs are not designed for them to do so. While I fully appreciate the importance of educators' preparation for research and policymaking that HGSE designs most of its progr
  13. Wait longer. I was called and notified of my scholarship decision three weeks ago. And then I received it by email two days ago. The official email info stated it was $2000 less than what I had been told on the phone, was a minority scholarship (no thank you) and was not guaranteed ("all TC scholarships are subject to change").
  14. Seems very close to my assessment. Acceptance rates within programs also differ. I think my program, School Leadership, has a high acceptance rate. Could be complete untrue.
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