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  1. Hi Rusty! I’m going to give an answer that I think might be atypical... What are your interests outside of education? I would strongly encourage you to pursue another career in industry. Business, Marketing, Biomed, Law, etc...whatever you are interested in. And maybe a masters in one of those related fields. Work for a few years. Build a nest egg. And then if teaching still interests you, pursue an alternative certification. Once you have your alternative certification, you will be able to take the content test to teach whatever you would like to teach in most states. I say this because I think that it is good to have options and I think working outside of education gives unique insight into education. Also keep in mind that there are many ways to share and educate without having to be a teacher. Career advancement does typically look like Teaching —> Campus Level Admin —> Central Office/District Admin. Depending on what your educational interests are there could be some variance in there. You could be an instructional coach or a technology specialist. You could also go the route of industry first and then work at the district level in some professional capacity. For instance, nearly every school district has a general counsel (legal services) or a public relations/communications department. What are you studying in undergrad right now? Where are you in your undergraduate journey? Could you get a pedagogy class in there somewhere as an elective? That will give you a better feel for what it means to teach and what is required.
  2. Thank you so much! Your kind words really encouraged me today. I'll be on this thread frequently. I keep trying to 'forget' but let's be honest, that is not happening! What is the timeline for you to hear something back?
  3. Hi! I’m applying to HGSE EdLD. There is an HGSE 2018 thread over in Education. You may find some HDP-ers there.
  4. I can relate to you so much here. I think that your pure motivation says so much and will yield the results you are seeking. Thank you for starting this thread. I look forward to following your journey!
  5. I love this idea! I am fairly sure that my family is ready to put a muzzle on me. I applied to one program and one program only. Harvard's Ed.L.D. for System-Level leadership. They only accept 25 applicants so of course, it's a long shot. That's always how I've moved through life though, with long-shots. It means so much to me because it would give me the opportunity to revolutionize the preK-12 education system in the US. The thing is, I plan to do this either way. The program would simply make the journey much easier. I applied to this program because it blends my passions and strengths. Education, Policy, Business and really Design. I've looked to see if there is anything similar, but there is not. I'm also in the perfect spot right now in terms of my own life. I have a very supportive significant other who wants this as badly as I do. I feel that I've gone as far as I would like to go on my current trajectory with education. To be honest, the next step would be administration but I already have a masters and do not want to spend 2 years in school for a job that I am not passionate about. In my current situation, I have been able to have more influence as a classroom teacher on my school and in my district that I would have been able to as an administrator. The scene for administrators is very political and that's not a game that I am wanting to play. Nor do I think I can play it well. I haven't thought too much about a back-up plan. I'll cross that bridge when and if I have to come to it. Right now, my soul focus has been on getting into the program. Long-shot and all.
  6. What program did you apply for? It seems like it has traditionally been early March for PhD and EdLD programs.
  7. Did everyone get their apps in? How are you feeling? I turned in my Ed.L.D. application an hour before the deadline. I am SO relieved that it is done. I definitely feel like I put my best foot forward. Don't really know what else I could've done so I am happy. I was curious. Did anyone submit anything on the last page? The additional information? I attached a portfolio but I didn't know if people actually use that section. Good luck, everyone!
  8. Hola! I guess this is my first public declaration of intent to apply! Thank you for starting the thread @Edugy! I am very hopeful that you get in this time around! Program/Concentration: Ed.L.D.GRE Score: Will be taking in October. Took the GMAT years ago. I think I will do average or possibly slightly better on the GRE.GPA: 3.3 undergrad / 3.3 gradWork Experience: Entrepreneur since the age of 16, 2 years in private sector, 1 year non-profit, 6 years teaching Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Mid-sized Private University, Nationally Ranked Research School for BSED & MBA Research Experience: n/a for the program I am applying for. However, I have done 2 years of educational equity research, 4 years of school culture research. LoR/SoP: 1 wild card (don't want to say here because I think it ~could be a unique approach but...lol, who knows), 1 from MBA program director who can speak to my special circumstances in both undergrad and grad school, 1 from either Superintendent of my district or Deputy Superintendent whom I have developed a program with. SoP...not done yet. Been carrying around a notebook and jotting down ideas for the past few weeks. Will speak to my passion for equity in education, my previous success in driving system-level change and how I would like to effect change moving forward. What Other Schools Are You Applying To: None. This is the only school/program I am interested in at this point. It's the perfect intersection of my passions. Hope that others chime in!
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