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  1. When you say Educational Leadership, what do you mean exactly? K-12 leadership or Higher Ed? Policy or Administration? If you're looking for Higher Education Administration, looking into "Student Affairs" or something along the lines of "Higher Education Administration" would probably be more fruitful.
  2. The whole reason I wanted to start a blog on here was to try, as realistically as possible, to answer the question, "so what's grad school really like," on this platform that seems to be mostly consumed by "so how do I get into grad school?". Admittedly, when I first started this blog, I had the best intentions of posting more regularly than "those other guys." So here I am, a year later, attempting to make up for it. So here we go, I'm going to break it into sections for the sake of readability. PLEASE, keep in mind, all of this is from my very limited perspective of a first generation, first
  3. I'm currently enrolled in Seattle University's program. Let me know if you have any interests or questions!
  4. While I'm not familiar with those schools, I have heard that it's beneficial to have experience at multiple institutional types (both for your resume and personal knowledge when choosing where to work professionally). So if UWM allows the opportunity for internships or practicum at different schools, it may not make a huge difference. But that may be something to take into account.
  5. https://studentaffairscollective.org/product/from-the-beginning-perspectives-from-new-emerging-student-affairs-professionals/
  6. I've been meaning to write this post (and another that is hopefully coming soon) for a while but life happens. I was able to go visit my future grad program a few weeks ago and I plan to write about that next but for now, I want to talk about something I think will be a little more universal - the mental side of the grad school process, as far as I've experienced anyway. For me, and I'm sure many others, grad school was always just a far off thing I knew I'd do eventually but didn't put an incredible amount of thought into until I was about halfway done with college (about a y
  7. That's so fantastic to hear. I'm really happy things worked out for you. I wish you all the best in your academic and professional aspirations!
  8. Man, that's really rough. Most of the people that posted on this entry though, including myself, only applied to one program so I think posting this on another thread would yield much better results for you. I'll try to be of some help though. I don't have much advice for the GRE because I only took it once and ended up not even using it to apply to the program I was accepted to. But if my memory is correct, there's at least one thread specifically about the GRE on the application part of the site. As for getting the schools to see that your military service is applicable, I would
  9. This is such a great story! I'm glad it worked out for you too. Congratulations!
  10. Hey guys! Just wanted to drop in and say I hope everyone is doing well. If you have interviews or visits coming up, may the odds be ever in your favor! Sending good vibes~~~
  11. I agree with the last point blacknighterrant made. All we can do is speculate, we can't get into the minds' of the adcom. It sounds like you put your best self forward in your application and that's all you can do. Now, you just have to sit and wait and hope. I also agree that lining up a back up plan isn't a terrible idea. Not because I think your application sounds weak but because you really never know.
  12. I think what you're essentially saying is - don't doubt yourself, reach for the stars. I 100% agree with that. The field I'm interested in, Student Affairs, is pretty different from research based fields though. While it makes sense for research focused applicants to apply to a lot of different schools because, after all, their research focuses and progress in that research is what really counts. But in SA, connections and networking matter a lot more than I think they do in those research fields. And obviously no 2 schools will have the same faculty members that teach the same way and fo
  13. After being on this site for a while, I realized that applying to just one school made me one of the few, the proud, the...naive? I felt confident about me decision until I logged on here and realized people were applying to 4..5..14!? schools. And I started thinking I might have screwed myself. But then the news came -- I was accepted! To say I was elated would be an understatement. To keep what could be a long story short: No, I don't advise just applying to one school even though it worked out to me, it's always nice to have a backup plan. But if just one school get
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