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  1. Hi! Have you finally received your verification result from Re Vera? I'm on the same boat as you - Got my acceptance decision letter and authorized verification on April 30, but I have not received any email indicating that the verification has been completed and official LoA.
  2. Congratulations! Happy for you! I wish you all the best in your graduate study. Also, thank you for the tips. Now, some of the documents are finally marked as received. They finally made an update after one month. I guess they still won't release the decision soon, but at least now it gets closer and closer.
  3. Hi there, fellow SPS applicants here. I'm also applying to the School of Professional Studies at Columbia. I submitted my online application on Jan 30. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how long were your required documents finally marked as received after submitting your application? Mine has not marked as received 4 weeks after submission, while all of the document has been delivered last January.. Have emailed them 2 times with 2 weeks interval but haven't got any reply. Greatly appreciate if you can help provide information on this! So anxious right now.. Best of luck for your applications!
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