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  1. I missed reading that. Welp, one less program to apply to :-/ I guess I'll have to persuade HGSE to accept me. Maybe make an offer they cannot refuse 😈
  2. Millennial here. Sadly, funding will always be an issue!
  3. Actually, I don't think there are many others apart from the three I've mentioned, that are reputed in-person full-time Doctorates (and not PhDs), and located in the general East Coast area. Even Columbia Teachers College doesn't have one 😕 I'll keep looking though. PS: If your friend is open to Canada, U of Toronto has an excellent Ed Leadership doctorate program.
  4. Ah, great question! I should have clarified that - I'm interested only in k-12 Ed Leadership, and not Higher Ed.
  5. Which schools is she applying to? Has she finalized that list yet? HGSE sounds so selective but I'd love to get in there!
  6. Thanks - this is helpful! I guess I'm just being a wuss about leaving the general East Coast but those are two solid options you have mentioned. Appreciate it!
  7. As an ed practitioner who has no interest in academia (and no patience for a PhD), I'm deeply intrigued by Doctorates in Education Leadership.However, for the life of me, I can't find any such programs to apply to, apart from the following three: - HGSE (500 candidates, and 25 admitted - yikes), - NYU Steinhardt (every alternate year only) - U Penn (in hibernation for the past two years). Are there any other in-person, full-time Ed LD that have a good reputation across the country? Maybe my Google-fu just isn't strong enough, so could someone help me out please?
  8. You know, that's a valid point. I was planning to apply to U Fels as they used to offer a joint 2-year MPA and 1-year MA (education), all done in two years. However, recently, they changed their 2-year MPA to a 1-year MPA, and I'm really not interested in a 1-year program. Sigh. Yale gives a lot of money. As an older candidate, I'm all for *show me the money* unfortunately.
  9. Oh hey, thanks for your comment. Yours is a valid question. The reason I'm more focused on US schools is because if we ever have to move back to the US, or even head out of North America, a brand like Harvard or Princeton will be useful anywhere in the world. That said, if I had to choose between NYU Wagner and U Toronto Munk, you bet I'd choose Munk. Which are the most selective/ most prestigious schools in Canada? Part of the reason why I ask this is because I'm in my mid-30s, and with a prior graduate degree (career switcher), so if I'm going back to school, I want to be absolutely sure that I'm getting the best possible experience. I'm slightly concerned also because while I know UofT is the best uni in Canada, I've also read this below and other similar articles. What do you make of it? https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/84990-why-not-to-attend-university-of-torontos-school-of-public-policy-and-governance-for-your-master-of-public-policy/
  10. Hello! I'm applying for two-year policy programs (MPP-MPA) with the goal of working in education (international non-profits, or ed tech). Right now, I have some background in both, but as a career switcher, it's been difficult to move up the ladder. Also, I'm in the US, but my girlfriend is from Toronto and we're hoping to move there in 3-5 years. So which US programs have a network & brand in Canada? While Princeton & Harvard definitely have their reach even in Timbucktoo, and what about the others? - Tier 1 for network/ brand: Columbia SIPA, Chicago Harris, Yale Jackson, Stanford MPP - Tier 2 for network/ brand: Tufts Fletcher, Michigan Ford, ...who else? - Tier 3: DC schools? I'm guessing that because most students here are headed for DC and Federal Govt jobs, they are least likely to have a network outside the US. Would love to hear your thoughts on my informal rankings. Thanks!
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