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  1. Hi! This is my first time ever applying to grad school (masters) and I was wondering if it is a thing for grad schools to not let you know if you didn't get in? Like, if I was rejected will they just leave me hanging or do most schools send out an email letting you know?
  2. Hi everyone! So I am currently a junior in college and I will be applying to student affairs programs next fall in hopes of starting Fall 2018. I currently work in advising as an undergrad which is how I got interested in going into this field. I have been using NASPA's directory but I want real people's opinions! I am looking for a program that is student affairs focused (not research/policy) and that is really focused on practicums/experience. I am also looking for a program that offers guaranteed assistantships with tuition reimbursement or if its not guaranteed has a lot of options
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