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  1. neuropsych76, I had no spam calls after creating a craigslist account. I wouldn't think that would be a problem, they require a phone number as part of their security to (try to) reduce scammers. It would reflect poorly on the organization to allow those numbers out. I would be sure to never place my number in an ad and always use anonymous email when posting an ad. I have used craigslist to rid myself of items too bulky to move for graduate school. I suggest placing a disclaimer at the bottom saying "cash only, local pickup only, no trades". I didn't do this for my first ads and received m
  2. I still have not heard from GaTech and UCI, but already committed to another school so not too frustrated.
  3. I just looked at PhDComics forum. The first several pages of each sub-forum is drug hawking spam. I assume this is a new problem, because as is the forums seem unusable. Does this have something to do with old and new forums?
  4. Anyone have strange or not so strange study hangups? I must have either Pilot Precise v5 or G2 pens, Without them I feel vaguely dissatisfied and discontent with writing. I lose pens all the time, so I keep G2 pens everywhere (probably 20 floating around) and getting ready for class means making sure I have at least 3 in my bag or backpack. I also insist my notebooks all be of the same type. I am not OCD in any other matters, but these ... just a little.
  5. I found a faculty member with funding for a GRA. The project is a good match with my background. I answered your PM.
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