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  1. I would suggest sending an email to their tech support - I mean of the ApplyYourself network. I am sure there is a link somewhere there for reporting problems.
  2. Hm, if you really want to network - big conferences is the best way to go.
  3. I think it is less common to contact professors if you are applying to a Masters program - but you can definitely try. It cannot hurt you and who knows - if your interests will match perfectly those of some faculty member, it can help a lot!
  4. I am using AT&T. I am an international student and I was told that my cell phone would not work with US sim cards. However, it works so I did not have to buy a new one - which is awesome. There is a chance that your iPhone with work with ATT's sim. I was told, actually, that iPhones usually do work with American sims, no matter where they were bought. I give no guarantee but there is hope If it does not work though you will have to buy a local cell phone. And most probably you will not be able to use a contract because you have no credit history in the US so you would have to deal with de
  5. Do remind the professor about your draft - who knows may be for some reasons your email got lost of fallen into Spam folder. Send the professor another email. Good luck!
  6. I think having an account there cannot hurt. And hopefully with time more people will join and using Academia.edu will make more sense. I have not uploaded any articles, though.
  7. Finally in the US!

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    2. Strangefox


      Thank you, guys! :)

    3. newms


      Welcome! [Even though I'm just here a few days before you;)]

    4. MoJingly
  8. I have not been in this situation but I've been at a port of entry in the airport. I believe - it will be the same thing. If anything can be different, it will be forms that they will give you to fill in. All documents that you are bringing will probably be the same as in the airport. After all, why should they be different?
  9. If you mean me (I am Strangefox ) - sure! I am waiting for your message!
  10. This is terrible By the way, this professor is American, right? I mean, in different cultures "private space" is different. May be he is, like, Italian, - you know they stand closer to each other and I believe they can touch their interlocutor in a friendly manner from time to time just because it's a norm in their culture. Just an idea... As I've said, I am sure one week will fly by so quickly that you won't even notice that! I am sure it is not so! I am sure you are a smart person and THAT is why you have received this internship. Don't let this situation lead you to que
  11. I am very sorry it is happening with me. But you write that you need to "just hold out one more week". One week will pass very quickly! IF it escalates (but may be it won't) then you can confront him, I guess. But I am almost sure it won't, don't know why, may be I am an optimist Seriously, one week! It cannot be that bad. Meanwhile, concentrate on your work and don't say a thing. Most probably you won't have to. But... without any details about what is really going on it's hard to say whether he is really harassing you or not. May be it's your negative experience that makes you too suspi
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