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  1. I don't know, but I just wanted to let you know that I am in a very similar boat. My GRE is 165 (V) /150 (Q). I have similar research interests (minus the health aspect), but a different background (current ECE college instructor/ program coordinator with a MA/ years of being a stay at home mom). I will have 2 conferences at the time and blog postings from a couple of notable organizations, but no real publications or anything like that. My research background is pretty miniscule, but I have also organized a large scale community event that speaks to my research interests and I've done other smaller projects with more in the works. I've done a lot of googling trying to glean information as to whether it is good enough for a top school, and the truth is that I really have no idea. I concluded it is certainly worth trying for what its worth. I feel hopeful that I will get in at least somewhere with funding. Sorry, I know that isn't very helpful, but at least you know you are not alone! I am applying to 2 of the schools on your list, too.
  2. EduNeuroGrl- To clarify, my focus is access to high quality education and advocacy in closing the gap. Equality in education- that sort of thing! My focus is mostly on early childhood education, but I am really interested in everything, (including higher ed) related to this idea. I work in higher ed teaching early childhood with elementary roots, so I am pretty wide ranging interests that I will tailor for different schools. It all just boils down to the fact that I am on a silly, idealistic mission to fix the world. haha! I am mostly applying to social/ cultural programs with a couple policy programs thrown in, depending on the school. Glad to see others are thinking about this as much as I have been, even though we are still so early! One could call us obsessive, but I prefer passionate! :-)
  3. Hi mrsmithut! That sounds really interesting! My interests center around access to quality education and advocacy.
  4. I want to teach at a university. I am full-time faculty at a community college teaching/ mentoring future teachers. I'm really fortunate to have my current position (they are very rare these days). That said, I just want to learn more and be in a position of growth (without the administrative track). I'd love to learn how to do research and I'd like more of an intellectual challenge. I work constantly due to the administrative aspect of my job with no help (in addition to 5/5 load). I don't mind the workload, but I wish it was related to things that I was interested in rather than administrative work. I can't complain- this has been an amazing experience that has opened my eyes. That said, I want to see my possibilities! Plus, with three kids born 3 years apart, free tuition for the kids sure would be nice! ;-)
  5. Nice to meet you!! I think you will do so much better this time around! You will have an MA, minor in stats, and work experience! I hope you feel more confident! It sounds like you will do great!
  6. I know this is way too soon! However, I was wondering if there are fellow neurotic future applicants who are biding their time for the 2016-2017 application season? I will be applying to PhD programs (mostly social/ cultural types of programs). Almost all of the programs will be long-shots. I figure I am at a point in my life (three young kids) that I'm all-in. If it works, it works, and our family is off on an adventure, and if it doesn't, I will stay put and be happy anyway. That's what I'm telling myself! :-) Applying to Harvard, Penn, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Michigan State, UVA, Washington, Wisconsin, Stanford, Colorado. A bit about me: English major from a state school (3.4, didn't care when I was a freshman and stupid), Master's in Education from an unknown private school (3.9).1 year teaching elementary, 3 years teaching community college, (4 years as a stay at home mom in between), GRE 165/150. I never saw myself applying to any of these amazing schools, but teaching adults really gave me more purpose and opened my eyes. I would have never imagined doing this in my twenties. I think that no matter what happens, I'm glad that I am going for it! Anybody else?
  7. Thanks so much for your insight both of you! That really helps. I have been totally lost about this whole process.
  8. Thanks so much for the input. Can I ask: What happens if I do test again and my quantitative score is higher, but my verbal is lower? My numbers fluctuated wildly in practice tests. I scored from 158-164 in verbal practice tests. I also scored from 148-156 in math practice tests. I know I can do better in math, but I feel like I can only do worse in the verbal section. Isn't the verbal section so much more important in Ed? I do have an A on my MA transcript from stats. Do you still think I should retest?
  9. I am trying to make a list of good education schools in the Midwest/ South. I'm in Ohio. I am thinking of applying next year because I have young children. I am a little lost because I have a pretty split GRE score- 165 verbal/ 150 quant. I don't want to take the GRE again. I haven't taken math (other than stats) in 15 years. I practiced a lot in math before the test, and I thought I'd get around 154, but that didn't happen. Not eager to try again. I am a newer full-time faculty member at a community college (I teach Early Childhood Ed). I have a 3.9 from my MA and a 3.4 from my BA. I could do a lot of things, but I am interested in Educational Policy/ Community oriented programs. If anyone has any insight into my split score situation, I would appreciate it. The only way that I would move at this point and uproot my family is if I could get into a good school with full funding. Is this even possible with a 150 quantitative score?
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