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  1. I agree, Need Coffee in an IV! If it was just the two of us I guess we could handle, but with a child in tow it is a lot more complicated...certainly don't want her to see her Daddy only over the holidays...
  2. Hey Hemmelig! Thanks! But funding isn't looking so good. The POI told me the fellowship is more like 5000 here and 3000 there...wont' make a huge difference; and he couldn't get the funding he was hoping for. He would have to reapply and until his funding came through I would have to go unfunded. He said I could still apply for other scholarships but they super competitive. In the meantime my husband got a job offer in Switzerland and it complicated things even more (seriously!!! the timing!!!!) I am still thinking what I should do... So sorry to hear that you didn't get into UBC. I am wi
  3. Hi lackingpatience, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. My husband thinks I should reapply next year and if I got an offer again, apply for deferment for a year, and in the meantime he would try to look for jobs and see if we could go with at least some financial support. It's not ideal but I guess that's just what we have to do now...thanks for sharing your experience, once again!
  4. Yes, rising_star! The husband is offered an attractive enough package, and he isn't willing to pass that up. Fair enough...I guess I will discuss with the prof and look into deferment. Thanks for your input!
  5. Yes, you are right. It's a huge risk to take. I think the choice is pretty obvious...thanks!!!!
  6. Hi, I got into UVic (BC, Canada), but my GPA isn't competitive enough for me to be qualified for the fellowship, so long story short, no funding at this point. The grad secretary gave me a bunch of info regarding bursaries and funding that are due in June and August. I have 2.5 weeks to accept the offer. Should I accept first and see if I could somehow secure some funding between now and September??? Or it's just way to risky? I have a 4yo child and will go with my child and my husband if I accept. Thank you in advance for your insights!
  7. Hey Hemmelig, any news? I got into UVIC, but no funding at this point... sigh...not sure what I should do...
  8. I did, MathCat. They replied really quickly. Funding isn't available at the moment but the secretary gave me a bunch of deadlines between now and September. I know it isn't a lot of info for you to work on but do you think I should give it a go and try to get funding along the way? Would appreciate your input. Thanks.
  9. Good luck to you, Nirvik. My POI confirmed his funding application didn't come through. But he said he would continue to apply for fundings in summer and fall. It's just that RA-ship is probably out of question at this point. I wonder if there's still possibility of funding coming my way between now and September....
  10. Hi, people who are in the know, please help!! I got an offer from UVic yesterday and for the formal acceptance letter today. On the info list of my offer the funding info was listed as 'unknown'. What does it mean? Does it mean 'none'? Or does it mean the department/faculty didn't offer such info so I should contact them directly? Or does it mean I will know later? I heard that most offers from Canadian unis come with a funding package. If I don't get it at this point does it mean it's likely to be an unfunded offer? When I put together my application my potential supervisor mention
  11. Hi Tianmeihua, when you said UVic didn't offer funding, do you mean they didn't offer funding with the initial offer letter? Did you ask if it means no funding at all, or funding info to follow? I just got my offer and there was no mention of funding...just wondering what I should make of it. Thanks!
  12. Hi! Congratulations on your offers!!! Good for you to apply to OISE!!! I didn't because a couple of faculty members told me funding opportunities are very limited for international students, and I really don't wanna fund my way through the whole programme. Did they also offer a funding package? I just got a formal acceptance letter from UVic, but am still waiting to hear from them regarding funding...the waiting doesn't seem to end....
  13. I most certainly hope we can meet in person!!!! Fingers crossed!! Congrats, Cayella!!!
  14. Hey Hemmelig, fingers crossed for you! I supposed it does take a while for all the results to be sent out...hang in there!
  15. Hey Cayella! You don't know that! Won't know until you hear back from them! Crossing my fingers for you!!!
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