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  1. Secondary Education MAT

    I am dying too! I didn't apply to any of the programs you did- I'm on the west coast. At least we can wait together! Are your programs credential too or just MAT?
  2. Master's in City & Regioanl Planning at Berkeley

    I'm not, but I am an undergrad at Cal right now so if you have general questions, let me know! I am waiting to hear back from my programs, so the distraction would be welcome (who needs to do school work during their senior semester, anyways?)
  3. UC Santa Cruz MA/C

    Hey! Curious if anyone out there applied for UC Santa Cruz's MA/C program for summer 2017? Let's wait together! I'd love to hear which credential you seek and what your application was like. It's only been one day since app's were due and I'm already so stressed!