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  1. I know it's pretty late but it's always nice to hear from other international students' perspectives on grad school applications. It seems like lots of you guys are interested in health / medical science related biology fields. For me, I am into ecology fields (a quantitative ecology). I am currently finishing off my undergraduate degree at a small public liberal arts school in the US and will be going to a grad school for a Ph.D. in ecology, evolution, and behavior this coming fall. I only applied 4 programs that showed me an interest (especially the POIs whom I contacted showed me an in
  2. So far, I got two offers from EEB and Conservation Sciences programs from UMN and decided to accept my offer from EEB program! (Also, I put my GPA wrong up there, overall GPA is 3.1 and major is 3.8 -- There is hope for those who have 3.1 GPA!). I contacted UC Davis and my POI said she was very impressed by my application and indicated her support to the PBGG admissions committee, but the PBGG had a particularly competitive year and none of the students who applied to her lab ended up making it through the PBGG. So no from UC Davis
  3. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I got an offer from Sharon on Feb 22nd! I hope you heard back from them..
  4. Has anyone heard back from UMN EEB post-interview?
  5. Sorry, I don't really know anything about the CUNY EEB program.. For my case, I only applied programs that showed an interest in me when I contacted some of the POIs there. My top choice would be either the UMN -- EEB or Conservation Sciences program since I've worked with some of the POIs there last summer and their research interests match well with mine. For UC Davis and U of Washington, Seattle, some of the POIs' research interests match a bit with mine but not 100% and I don't really know what it would look like to work with them either.. I believe when you consider applying for Ph.D. pr
  6. Hi people, I decided to have an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology thread for this year's round of applicants since I couldn't find one for this year, and I'd love to see the profiles and school choices and results of the rest of the folks here applying, and open up a place for people interested in the same subjects to chat! Figured I'd head it off even if it is late. Undergrad Institution: Small public liberal arts schoolMajor(s): Statistics & Applied EcologyMinor(s): Mathematics & BiologyGPA in Major: 3.1Overall GPA: 3.8Position in Class: n/aType of Student: International MaleGRE
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