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    Undergrad Institution: R1 Institution Major(s): Biology GPA in Major: 4.00Overall GPA: 3.91Position in Class: Top 5% Type of Student: Domestic minority female GRE Scores:Q: 157 (65th, boo)V: 165 (96th)W: 4.5 (82nd) Research Experience: 2 years at big pharma lab (1 year full time while in undergrad), concurrently 1 year at Harvard Medical School lab 2 year postbac at the NIH in microbiology (1) middle author pub in Nature (1) third-author pub in Nature Microbiology 2 posters at institutional research assistant presentations Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's ScholarshipPertinent Activities or Jobs: Biochemistry tutor for 1 year Student Peer Advisor (advising students with critically low GPA within department) for 1 year Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Kappa Kappa Psi, band for 4 years Special Bonus Points: 2 grad courses (Immunology, Electron Microscopy) 2 famous PIs Applying to Where: I am applying for immunology programs but I have no idea what subfield yet... So far, infectious disease/inflammation tickles my fancy. I would love some suggestions please!! My list is primarily Ivy Leagues, but I am really hoping to broaden my choices before applying. I am specifically concerned about my GRE scores for getting into these places. Rockefeller UPenn Harvard BBS NYU Sackler BostonU PiBS Brown Columbia UWashington

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