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  1. My friend in Harvard just got an interview on 12/31. This program only takes very few students, I'm afraid they sent out interviews all at once. Good luck in other programs!
  2. I'm also an international student and I haven't heard anything from JHU. Have you got any interviews yet?
  3. I applied for the integrated program and they switch me to the genetics and development track. I got an email on 12/21.
  4. I got the UCLA chem admission last year. Chem programs usually don't require interviews, so they give offers directly.
  5. Received the interview from NU DPG yesterday. Still waiting for Harvard, MIT, Columbia, UPenn, NYU and Cornell.
  6. Thank you for your suggestions! Yes I'm really interested in immunology and I've met some committee members of some immunology program. They all encouraged me to apply for immunology, tho my friend who's also applying for immunology told me these programs are even more competitive than BBS since many of the candidates already had some publications in immunology field and the pool is smaller but more competitive. I've never taken any immunology courses and neither of my PIs is well- known in this field. So I'm wondering if I should get into some BBS programs and then rotate to an immunology lab
  7. I finished my undergrad within three years (two years for my major courses) in an international institute and then spent two years doing research in MIT. Last year I applied for some chemistry programs and got admission from UCLA but I rejected because I decided to do biomedicine research. Tho I major in chemistry, my research experience is all related to chemical biology or biomedicine. I wonder if I should apply for BBS programs in med school or Biology in Art and Science, or interdisciplinary programs related to chemistry and biology? And I'm interested in immunotherapy, but immunology prog
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