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  1. Did anyone attend Northeastern visitation day and can share their opinion of the program (chemistry)? I'm still waiting on them
  2. Has anyone heard back from Northeastern University Chemistry program and know when is their virtual visitation days? They placed me on a waitlist and I'm going back and forth on whether it's worth waiting to hear from them or commit to my other offers. Their website does a poor job of showcasing their program structure it's so confusing. But their faculty research perfectly match my interest and I don't want to let go lol
  3. Lol I feel like a massacre is about to come our way. They have been rejecting people and offering them masters instead so I'm assuming they are done with their PhD cohort and vetting the rest for their masters program. I hope I'm wrong though!
  4. But that’s a little bit different than a full on rejection. They sent out their interviews, but surely some of those people will pick other schools and they gonna have to interview more people to fill available spots. This applies to all schools, not just Harvard and I don’t know why people say they got rejected when it’s not formal?
  5. Wait a second. I’m a fellow international student, applied to Harvard BBS and there is literally no update from them. How did you know you got rejected/waitlisted from these places?? When I log in, the only thing I can see is that my app is received!
  6. So most schools require us to submit resume with our application. My question is how to tailor my resume for graduate schools? In my search for lab technician jobs, I just gave the title of my research topic, and instead focused on listing my lab skills. Does graduate school admission care about lab skills as much as employers? Or do they prefer to see more in-depth discussion of my research? I appreciate any comment on this! I'm so lost and I wish I could find representative resume examples somewhere...
  7. I would like to know about this too!! I don't want to pay for that $26 per school fee, but if it helps in anyway to have my GRE score I'll send it.
  8. Thank you for replying! Yes you two are correct. I don't know how universities run and I just assumed the department cover the cost of grad students tuition from grant funding/undergraduate students paying tuition.
  9. Ok so I browsed through this website and it seems like there is a general consensus that public schools accept fewer international students because they don't receive financial federal aid and they cost more. I don't really understand this argument or how universities run. It might be obvious to some of you, but it's very confusing and I hope someone explains the difference to me. For STEM PhD programs (mainly biology and chemistry), departments only have to consider two bills when accepting applicants: tuition cost and stipend. Stipend is fixed across all students and there should be n
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