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  1. Yh. I need a miracle at this point. March 1 to 4 would be decisive
  2. nothing yet. There's a funny argument on the results page though lol. That aside, I think there would be one more wave of admits in very early march. Fingers crossed
  3. Thanks, I really hope. an admit at my top dream choice would really mean a lot at this stage in my life lol.
  4. I have friends who got into MIT previously without publications, so it's no killer. You are a top applicant with your GPA and awards if top notch. I have a much lesser GPA lol.
  5. exactly lol, very defeating. we have one more week to go. I think admits would stop around March 5 (very early march)...after which it's gonna be a rejection spree. I need me a MIT notification within the next week!
  6. looking at the website app again, aggregating over the past six years, it's surprising that someone was admitted with a 149 quant GRE. I really don't know whether to believe that stat haha. 149!
  7. Here's a more interactive website someone created for this purpose. You can also sort by each department and by year/ period or degree: https://fretpwner.shinyapps.io/GradCafeStatistics/
  8. yeah, me too! But I feel in an environment like MITs, I might change my mind. That was my reasoning behind putting the PhD as final degree objective. But for admissions sake, I really don't know which would have been the best option
  9. me too. I think it's safe to say if we haven't heard anything within 2 weeks, then it's a rejection
  10. Yh, exactly. I still feel it's two sided and they have a reason for availing both options. They would also need terminal students that want to go to the industry immediately after the SM.
  11. Does anyone know what he meant by no news is good news? Aren't we supposed to hear back before visiting week?
  12. For what it's worth, I also got an opposite response from a recent MIT graduate saying it doesn't matter. So still confusing
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