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  1. Kingoflimbs

    Stanford Knight Hennessy Scholarship

    who else is optimistic?
  2. Kingoflimbs

    Stanford Knight Hennessy Scholarship

    Yep. Faith!
  3. Kingoflimbs

    Stanford Knight Hennessy Scholarship

    same here. But i feel those that got earlier than normal decisions from their departments have a good chance of being shorlisted for the interview weekend. I haven't heard anything from my dept so far. Seems you got invited for an interveiw...positive
  4. Kingoflimbs

    MIT Mechancial Engineering SM

    same here. I founded an engineering related startup so i hope that helps...but being from africa certainly doesn't help my chances 😥
  5. Kingoflimbs

    MIT Mechancial Engineering SM

    Not feeling confident...average GRE and no research experience ...lol
  6. Kingoflimbs

    Stanford MechE Masters

    Just saw an admit from the Results page. Anyone else heard anything?
  7. I have a feeling only those that got early decisions from their department would be shortlisted come January 16. Nervous wait though
  8. Kingoflimbs

    Stanford MechE Masters is Terminal?

    Hello. Can anyone clarify the statement on Stanfords MechE Admissions page for the Masters degree. It says "Our Master of Science (MS) program is a terminal degree. To be eligible for admission to the department, a student must have a BS in engineering, physics or a comparable science program" I intend to pursue a PhD after completing the masters and want to use the masters to judge whether the a PhD in a particular research area would be right for me. With the statement above, does it mean you can't pursue a PhD immediately after completing the masters degree? Thanks

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