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  1. sure, whats your email address?
  2. Hey there, I do not have the spreadsheet anymore unfortunately. But one piece of advice is explain your grades fro your community college days in your personal statement. Briefly acknowledge that you weren't a focused student back then and that once you knew what you wanted to do, your GPA from that point on was ___ . Hope that helps.
  3. Just need to talk to the SLP. They of course need their CCC's if you want your observation hours to count or if you just want to observe in general you can do the anytime. Just ask any school SLP.
  4. Hello, A friend of mine is starting the leveling courses for Utah State Online. I was wondering if any of you had pointers for him. Which classes were the hardest? Easiest? Which had a lot of work, which did not? Which classes required the book and which classes did not require needing the course book? Any other tips about classes and the program would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. I can tell you all about GVSU. Personal opinions is that any program will teach you what you need to know. GVSU PRO is that you get to experience REAL LIFE SLP work every semester at off site JOB sites. On site clinics are not realistic and they make you do so much stuff that real life SLP work doesn't require. I am biased to GVSU, but everything on this site comes from people who are barely in grad school or about to go to grad school. The best advice the can be given is from those who have been through grad school and work in real life SLP world. ALL my coworkers agree that where you g
  6. I am married and my wife and I went through undergrad, second bachelors and grad school together. We got married while both sophomores in College. My wife graduated with her Bachelors in Science in 2012, then we moved to LA ad I finished my Bachelors in Comm Disorders in 13' and then she did an accelerated bachelors in Nursing and graduated in 14' and then I started my Masters program in Michigan the same week she graduated and I did my accelerated masters in Speech and graduated in 15'. What we did was take turns working full time and going to school Full time. I worked FT in 12' whil
  7. @Kslptobe Congrats! A lot of your story sounds eerily similar to mine! haha Glad you were able to get into your top choice and that you kept on working towards your dream and your passion. Thats all it takes is to continue forward! Great story and inspiration for many to come!
  8. Hey there, As far as school districts that will employ you with a waiver, pretty much any of them that have positions to fill, which also means a good 50% or more of the districts on Southern CA. I have heard good things about Hesperia school district as far as support and I do know they are in need. I almost interviewed there last summer. Have you heard of the website Edjoin? PM me for more info if you want!
  9. You can take the Praxis at any time. I believe in a forum on Reddit there were some students who accidentally took it in undergrad and passed. I have 2 Praxis Practice tests in PDF format if anyone is interested. I can email them to you. The closest thing to the real test as far as how it is administered is the $15-20 practice test ETS offers. It is timed and formatted JUST like the real computer test.
  10. I am one who went to CSUN for undergrad and from everything i've heard from friends who attended CSUN after for grad school it in fact is at least 2.5 years. They do not have a set "cohort" style program where everyone takes the same classes at the same semester, etc. This delays people even another semester possibly. I'd say if CSULA has the cohort style program where everyone completes the same courses at the same time ti would be very advantageous. If CSULA is the same as CSUN, where you take classes out of order from your fellow classmates, I'd then go with CSUN since it is closer.
  11. @angela4 GOOD CHOICE I know I've advocated for the cheaper school, even though I went to a not so cheap school, but I didnt have a choice. I only got accepted to 2 schools and the price was the same for both. For example, I was planning on accepting at my undergrad University if accepted because I live down the street and the cost would have been $30,000 cheaper. I would have done this knowing that the program wasn't very organized, etc because it was cheap and I wouldn't of had to move. So again, GREAT CHOICE! you will be taught the same thing every grad program teaches, its
  12. @Afternoonprogram 100% agree! I keep seeing everyone mention "Rankings". Do any of you even know how the "Rankings" are made? Well they are listed in order of schools that have the students/professors with most published research is what I've heard. So the "Rankings" only matter if you want to do research!!! #GoCheapHaveLessStressNDebt!
  13. Hampton University has a June 1st deadline I believe for Fall admissions and Valdosta State University has a July 1st deadline for Spring admissions.
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