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  1. That's wonderful! I hope you get into the program that best suits your needs
  2. Hello twinguy7! Thank you for your input! CSULA does have a more intimate, cohort-style program. They accept only 20 students and all of them seem to take the same classes each semester for the most part. Things might vary a bit the second year due to externship placements and rotations. I've heard grad students at CSULA are very supportive of each other and often help each other because of the nature of the program. A collaborative environment is always helpful. "Talking" this through with all of you has definitely helped! I think I've made a decision. Thank you!!
  3. Thank you, ssllpp! Congratulations on your acceptances too! You must be so thrilled to have made a decision. What program will you be attending? Those are precisely some of my concerns with the program at CSUN. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and best of luck with graduate school!!
  4. Hi Maridele! Yes, you're correct. A faculty member at CSUN gave me a rough idea of how many additional courses I would need to take if I were to attend their program. As of now, I would need to take at least 3 additional courses in order to satisfy some of the prerequisites at CSUN, which means I would most likely finish the program in 2.5 years. This is not an issue for me at CSULA since I've satisfied all of their prerequisites and ASHA requirements. You make great points as to why CSULA might be a better fit for me. I absolutely agree with you! Having a more intimate program and well-established relationships with faculty and other students are a huge plus! Graduate school can be tough! Having a support system is key. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping me think this through! It always helps to get someone else's perspective
  5. Hello! I am very fortunate to have been accepted to multiple schools, but now I'm having a hard time deciding between these 2 programs! CSU Northridge (CSUN) and CSU Los Angeles (CSULA) are both great graduate programs. I completed my Post-Bacc at CSULA and enjoyed my experience there very much. The program was intense like most Post-Bacc programs in our field, but I connected with faculty, other students, and became familiar with CSULA's grad program and facilities. My biggest concern with CSULA is my commute time, which cuts away from other things such as studying, completing projects, sleeping, and free time. CSUN is much closer to me, but I've been hearing mixed reviews about the program. Students who finish Post-Baccs at CSUs other than CSUN often have to take several core classes, which can delay their graduation. The cost of these additional courses is also something to consider. I've also heard that the cohort at CSUN is twice as large, which means classes might be larger and hard to get into, and parking might be an issue. Is anyone familiar with either program? If so, what advice do you have for me? What did you like or didn't like about the program? Thank you!
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