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  1. Thanks everyone! I am going on a whim, I haven't visited unfortunately. But I'll figure it out as I go ? I appreciate your help, guys!
  2. Hi everyone! I am wondering what I should purchase before I attend graduate school in the fall. Attire: I live in Texas and it does get extremely hot here most of the year. Currently I work at a very laid back clinic- most of the therapists wear jeans/sandals. I am wondering if I should invest in a couple pairs of nice slacks and purchase more business casual clothes.. or maybe wait it out and see if my school has a specific dress code (I haven't heard much from my program yet). School supplies: I have a MacBook Pro and I was thinking about getting binders and spirals for note taking. Do most students bring computers or take notes by hand? I also was thinking about getting a cross body bag instead of a backpack. Any other must have supplies that I would need as an slp grad student? ? Therapy Materials: I have been an slpa for 2+ years and I have so many games and materials that I have made and purchased. Would it be worthwhile to take some of these things with me, or wait and see what my clinic has to offer? Any help/input would be awesome. I am moving 8 hours away so I want to be prepared and make sure I don't leave anything behind:)
  3. Has anybody else not heard from ENMU? The website says we should receive decisions by March 31. I have not heard anything. I saw on the results page that a few people were accepted/waitlisted. Thanks everyone!
  4. A little off topic but I have a question about evaluations via CSDCAS. I know that our letters need to be uploaded electronically but do we also need to mail hard copy letters to our programs? This is my first time applying and using CSDCAS, so I just want to make sure all bases are covered.
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