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  1. I also did my 2nd bachelors at USU. It’s a great program with the best platform (they use Canvas...I despise Blackboard). I got into grad school my first try (NAU). I’m from CA and there is only one Cal State program that I know of that looks down on online programs (CSULA). But I’ve never heard of any other schools having an issue with online.
  2. I can’t imagine other programs being similar to UoP’s tuition. It’s like over 100k for their 15 month program. But they do have agreements with some districts in that area (I think in Stockton) that will help pay off some of your tuition if you agree to work for them for a few years. Plus, I’ve heard really good things about UoP’s program...they all seem like a super tight knit group whenever I’ve seen them at CSHA.
  3. I think you might need to start applying to other schools. Some universities are super difficult to get into. You have great GREs that should offset your GPA. Would you be willing to apply to an online school? CSUN online’s application is open now (Spring start). I would say give that school a try with your other spring applications as a plan b.
  4. If you decide to take them at USU, their summer semester is considered a normal semester like Fall and Spring. I think it’s about 14 weeks long (Fall and Spring are 16 weeks), so you can take 4 courses if you wanted to. I took 4 in the summer but I didn’t work. I believe summer starts in May so you’ll want to apply ASAP.
  5. Look up CSUN online (Tseng College). They start up in the spring semester so they just opened up there application window. I believe they use their own application system.
  6. Have you tried applying to other schools like CSUN online? They are currently taking applications for Spring 2019. I feel like NY schools are super competitive. An online program might give you a better chance
  7. Unfortunately, New York does not hire SLPAs
  8. Weems at ENMU is great. She teaches online and I took her 16 week course.
  9. Your grant covered grad school tuition? I thought grants were only for undergrad...even in CA. Please let me know if I’m wrong!
  10. I think I got it soon after accepting the offer but I accepted in April and started in June so they kind of had to do mine quickly. I’ve never heard of not being offered enough to cover tuition and some expenses to live on. It really depends on your financial situation. My friend is married and her husband makes over 100k and she wasn’t offered much. But someone that doesn’t have assets or much income (like me) should get enough to cover the costs. Anything over the 20k FAFSA loan will be a PLUS loans which have higher interest rates. Plus, I’m sure it depends on the school too. Some scho
  11. Yes, it is followed. My friend works in Compton and they follow it. My district has very little AA population but when we do have an AA student we do not use assessments that have IQ testing involved. We do not automatically assume every AA student uses AAVE because that wouldn’t be an accurate assumption to make. But the IQ test restriction is for all AA students, regardless of their dialect.
  12. Def SDSU if this is where you want to live. I live in CA and attend school in AZ, and there are differences on the state level that gets lost in the curriculum. For example, CA has a law called Larry p and AZ does not. Both are great programs though
  13. So when I applied for FAFSA, I got an estimated amount of financial aid after I submitted the application. It was around 20,000. This information will be sent to your school (when you fill out your FAFSA application, you select the schools you want the info. sent to). Your school will process it, and they will tell you how much you qualify for in both unsubsidized loans and PLUS loans. Then you will have to accept the amounts...you can indicate the dollar amount you want to accept. Some people need more, some need less. When I applied it was estimated that I would get around $20,000. Whe
  14. It really sucks because a masters is necessary to work as an SLP. It’s not just an extra degree to make extra money.
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