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  1. i haven't found one yet but let me know if you do!!
  2. What does everyone think about the statement "it doesn't really matter where you go"... The deadline is fast approaching and while I am really lucky to have options- I don't know how to make a decision. So many current SLP's say that it doesn't matter where you go, everyone has the same degree, and can get a good job. Is that true? Do I go to the lower ranked school for way less money, or go to a highly ranked and recognized university for more money. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!
  3. http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=speech&t=a&o=&p=1 check out this website! people upload when they hear from a school! hope this helps
  4. Hi! Does anyone have any information on GW, Towson, Maryland, and/or Loyola? I've been accepted to the first two and haven't heard back from the last two. I'm trying to research all the programs. Anything that sticks out good or bad with any of these schools? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!
  5. Hi! I'm anxiously waiting to hear from so many SLP programs as a first-time applicant. Has anyone heard from anywhere yet?? Does anyone know when we could start hearing back? Thanks!
  6. -does anyone have any suggestions on why a medically based SLP program is better than an education based? -what is so different? thanks!
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