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  1. Admissions

    Hi Everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has gotten into University of Wisconsin—Madison, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, or the U of M? These are the three midwest programs I applied too. I have gotten into a few in California, but haven't heard back from the midwest schools. Thanks! Best of luck to everyone! Lele
  2. Friend wants to pursue SLP: Low GRE and GPA

    Hi there! I may be able to help answer some questions. I'm going to first start off my saying Speech-Language Pathology Graduate school is very competitive. Some schools only accept 10% of applicants, others may vary. It is important to have a strong application while applying. From the way it sounds...your friend doesn't have the strongest application. BUT if your friend is a hard worker and is devoted to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist- I have no doubt she can do it! It just takes a lot of hard work, passion, and positivity! Here are some components of what a strong application should include: GPA: I would say that the GPA is the single most important factor while applying to Graduate school. I've talked to several CSD professors and they've all told me that the first component that they look at in a prospective student's application is the GPA. They will look at the overall GPA and the CSD GPA (major classes GPA). I personally would aim for anything above a 3.5 (and that's low balling). GRE: Study, Study, Study, for the GRE. An impressive GRE score will show that your friend is capable and serious about committing to academic work. I recommend that your friend should retake the GRE, as it is a big contributing factor to admissions. Professors look more at the verbal and writing components of the exam. Letters of Recommendation: These letters are critical for Graduate school admission. Most programs require 3 letters of recommendation. Generally, these are academic letters of recommendation (written by CSD professors). Make sure your friend carefully reads the application directions on each program's website (all schools are different). Letters of recommendation are very important components on an application and you must make sure that they are written by professors whom will present you in a positive way. Observation hours: You need 25 hours of observation hours (observing a Speech-Language Pathologist). Call schools, hospitals, private practices in your area and ask if you can observe the SLPs there. Have your friend say she is a student pursing Speech-Language Pathology and needs observation hours. MAKE sure all the SLPs you observe have their Clinical Competenece. Otherwise, the hours will not count. Record all the hours you observe by making an observation hour spreadsheet (some schools have these). Include the date of the observation, location, patient, time observed, clinician (SLP your friend observes), and their ASHA number, on your sheet. NOTE: Applications can be expensive (especially if she is applying to a lot of schools). Advise: Here is my advice! (Truthfully- This is what I would do if I was in her position. She/others may not agree with me, but this is what I would do). - If your friend is serious about Speech-Language Pathology Graduate school I would recommend she goes back to school and majors in Communication Science Disorders. Look at the ASHA website. There you will find a list of schools that offers the Communication Sciences Disorders major. Aim for getting A's in all the CSD classes. I suggest aiming for at least a 3.7. ASHA requires students to take core classes- so your friend may be alright on those. I suggest she retakes the GRE, aiming for at least a 150 on both verbal/math and at least a 4 on her writing. You can buy prep books online or at most big book stores. Also check out Magoosh.com (It's a website devoted to GRE studies). I also recommend that your friend job shadows Speech-Language Pathologists. Like I said before, have her call schools, hospitals, or private practices to bump up her observation hours. Resources - Have your friend check out these websites. They will provide valuable information. ASHA: http://www.asha.org/edfind/ (This website will provide your friend with admission standards) Magoosh: http://magoosh.com/?utm_source=sem&utm_medium=paidsearch&utm_searchengine=google&utm_term=magoosh&utm_e&utm_campaign=214242035&utm_adgroup=17295001835&utm_device=c&gclid=CJXwz8nync4CFRCDaQodMqMO7Q (This website is devoted to GRE studies. I believe it costs about $100) GRE: http://www.ets.org/gre/ (Sign up to retake the GRE). University Websites: Have your friend make a list of all the future schools she wants to apply too. Have her check out all the school's websites. View the admission criteria, location, tuition, and application fees. She may also want to talk to a CSD advisor at a University. An advisor will provide her with more advise!! Good luck to your friend!! I hope she finds her path. You are a great friend for caring about her.