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  1. Hi everyone! I saw another graduate student posting about any questions that current applicants would like answered and I thought it was a great idea. I would love to share my experiences with you all if you have any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small they may be! Ask me anything
  2. Depending on the school you're accepted to, they may allow you to take some classes during your grad program. For example, my program allowed students to take Clinical Methods and also Speech and Hearing Science if they were missing them. Check with the schools to see if they'll allow this for any of the courses!
  3. I'm not sure if you HAVE to update, but if courses you took in the fall are required prereqs I would use the update tool. Schools are going to want to see that information. For example, I used the update last year because I took my chemistry course and my audiology course in the fall and knew they would want to see those grades.
  4. Yes definitely discuss weaknesses in a positive light. Always answer the entire prompt, so if it asks for weaknesses, include them.
  5. Bowling Green State University in Ohio gave me a full tuition waiver for the first year. I also received a large assistantship from both Case Western Reserve University and Miami University (Ohio) Many schools offer assistantships to cover the cost of tuition.
  6. Don't give up! I was so worried all last year that I wouldn't get into any school based on my GPA score. However, I stuck it out and received acceptances! A lower score on one part of the application can be offset with a higher score on something else. If you don't like your GPA, focus on your GRE. If you don't think you letter recs will be outstanding, make sure you write a phenomenal personal statement. Just make sure you sell yourself as best as you can and be honest with yourself and with the schools you are applying to. Also look at ASHA Edfind because they post a lot of
  7. Look into Pennsylvania State University and University of Maryland because I think they both look at last 60 credits, however check their website to be sure! Definitely study the GRE to get an above average score! It will set you apart from the other students who just did average. I had a lower GPA as well, but I managed to get into a lot of schools. I think they really do look at the whole package, including GPA, GRE, clinical experience, research, LOR, and personal statements, so try to really sell yourself!
  8. Hi! Definitely go on ASHA Edfind. It was a godsend when I was applying last year! As far as South Florida, I applied and received an offer of admission. You can check out my stats in my signature below. I did not have any clinical experience other than my 25 observation hours. My advice is to apply to at least 5 schools and try to use Edfind to find schools that fit your stats!
  9. Congratulations to everyone that has been getting accepted! I feel a little silly that I applied to so many schools thinking I wasn't going to get accepted. I think part of this process is having confidence in yourself! Especially when it comes to interviews. I was accepted to my top choice this week (my alma mater: Case Western Reserve University) and I am so so happy that the stress of applications is almost over!
  10. Definitely want to go to a program that is more medical based than school based. If the program you are applying to has a heavy emphasis on schools, its probaby not the best option. Look at the curriculum posted on the website and at the clinical externship opportunities the school has. However, you could always do medical even if you go to a school-based program because ASHA requires that everyone gets experience at both school and medical settings before they graduate their programs. Hope this helps! I am currently applying to programs too and this was the advice I was given during the appli
  11. I'm also doing a skype interview because I go to school in Ohio! I hope they don't weight our interview differently because we did not go in person
  12. Thank you to all who answered! I completed my interviews at University of Toledo and Baldwin Wallace University, both in Ohio this past week. I think they went ok, the second one definitely went better than the first because I knew more of what to expect. Haven't heard back from anywhere yet, but since the interviews were only a week ago, that's not unexpected.
  13. I have been invited to two interviews for grad programs. My stats aren't great, so I am extremely happy to be selected to even interview. I was wondering how many interviewees actually get rejected from schools after an interview. Sidenote, I am kind of freaking out about the interviews. I'm kind of awkward so I'm scared of making a fool out of myself.
  14. Hi! I am currently applying to programs as well. Most of my schools don't have interviews, but a few do. Baldwin Wallace University and the University of Toledo both have already invited me to interview at the end of January and both programs had Jan 1st deadlines. I think the submission deadline tends to dictate the date of the interview as well as each school's way of evaluating applicants. From what I've read, most of the evaluations for U of Toledo happen AFTER the interview. Also, one interview is on a friday and the other is on a saturday, both at 8:30am and lasting throughout the d
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