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  1. Correction guys!! I applied for WES and my GPA turned out to be 3.84. I had initially estimated it as 3.5
  2. Yup, am doing loads of research . In fact I've almost shortlisted all my colleges. Just thought I'd ask here if I could get any extra insight
  3. Hi! I would love to attend USF. Do you think i would get in with a 3.5 gpa and one year clinical experience? gre - verbal: 157 quant : 154
  4. Will the university of South Florida be too ambitious?
  5. Hi! I'm currently stating my application process. I just graduated -Bachelors in Audiology and speech language pathology. I have a GPA of 3.5. GRE- Verbal : 157 Quant: 154 TOEFL:116 I am currently working at a clinic for work experience. Which schools do I have a good chance of getting into?
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