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  1. My professor is quite challenging and she gave me a mock case history with several reports (school, psychologists eval, standardized testing, and medical reports) and wants me to create an assessment plan for the child. My professor did not want me to ask my supervisors for guidance I looked over the reports and it’s quite tricky. The child’s parents report they are mainly concerned with her “spelling and math” and her “personal growth.” She has a history and continues to have sinus problems, asthma, and allergies. On her hearing, her parents are unsure if she hears adequately, they report, “sometimes noise seems too loud for XXX, other times she seems not to hear well.” I think she’ll need a full audiological evaluation. However, in terms of school, I think her grades are within normals limits (mainly C’s though) and her standardized testing is also within normal limits (compared to the local norm for math, though, she is at the 16th percentile). She was also evaluated by a psychologist. She did well on the WISC-III and WRAML. Here is my Assessment so far Interview with parents Hearing Screening Oral Peripheral Exam - for hyper/hyponasality CELF-5 (language test) Pragmatics checklist - Children’s Communication Checklist-2 SPELL-2 (Assessment for Spelling)
  2. Hello everyone, This winter vacation has been pretty sad since I earned a C+ in one of my speech classes. I've done pretty well in my other classes, including the clinical practicum - ranging from A- to A. Right now my cumulative GPA is 3.3. I know if I earn another C+ I will get kicked out of the program. I will be taking remediation for the C+ next semester. The Professor for that course is very particular and has high standards, which I understand is the nature of graduate school. I will be working with that professor next semester, which is part of the remediation process. I believe she will give me assignments based on the weaknesses I had for her course. I did not e-mail her yet, I'm not sure what is the protocol (if I should wait for her to e-mail me or should I e-mail her). I am thinking about attending the program on a part-time basis and graduating in three years instead. I know someone that is taking the program slowly and I want to consult with her. In all my years I always felt somewhat confident about me finishing the field. But after this semester I really wonder if I will get removed out of the program. Another C+ and I'm done. I've worked exceptionally hard this semester and would come on weekends to work on projects and study. For the class I earned a C+, it's mainly because I earned a 75 on the midterm and 74 on the final. For the midterm, I did not concentrate on the journal articles and I got skewered. For the final, I studied so much the journal articles that I believe the multiple choice suffered. Over this winter break I plan on reviewing the material for the professor's class, so when I do meet with her, at least she'll see I was diligent. I am so angry at myself, I wish I studied the multiple choice material for the final, otherwise, I would not be in this predicament. I'm on track on taking 13 credits next semester btw. I'm also thinking about not getting the TSSLD certification to lighten the load. Please, any advice will mean a lot!
  3. I was accepted to a program that has two tracks, one track is for students who seek ASHA certification and New York state licensure as a speech-language pathologist in clinical, hospital and private practice. The other track is for students who plan to work in educational settings, and seek ASHA certification and New York state licensure as a speech-language pathologist. The first track is 55 credits for me and the second track is 60 credits. The bilingual extension is 15 semester hours. I think I want to do the first track because I do not want to overwhelm myself with the Praxis AND New York state teacher examinations. I hope after getting some experience in the field I can come back and get my teacher certification later or bilingual certification. Is that possible?
  4. Hi SLP123, do you mind saying which college you are going?
  5. Thanks Jolie, I guess it depends on the University. For my undergrad our clinic class is 3 credits and we typically had once client whereas for graduate the clinic class is 1 credit but grad students have 5 clients.
  6. Hi everyone, I know this may seem like a dumb question but what is the course load per semester for Graduate school in Speech Pathology? I understand the for graduate school full time is 3 classes while for undergrad it is 4 classes. I am starting this fall in graduate school and I do not want to overwhelm myself. My program is 55 credits and 5 semesters, including two winter sessions and one summer session. I appreciate feedback a lot. Hopefully I'll have my questions answered at orientation too. I just want to have an idea before then.
  7. Hi Mrs.H, thank you! I was accepted to Hofstra and I'm on the waitlist for Adelphi. Thank you for your feedback I'm taking a class at Adelphi and I love the campus but I like the smaller group in Hofstra, 40 students.
  8. Hi guys, I just want a comparison between the two speech pathology grad programs. Does anyone have feedback on both programs? I know Adelphi has 100 students while Hofstra has 40. And Adelphi is 54 credits while Hofstra is 52 credits plus an aural rehab class for 3 credits (55 credits). Adelphi is $16,900 for 5 terms and $500 deposit ($85,000) and Hofstra is about $1,200 per credit.
  9. Hi everyone, I got accepted from Hofstra from their waitlist. I would like to hear about the program. How is the speech pathology department like? Are the professors good at responding to e-mails?
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