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  1. Nope, nothing. I'm assuming it's normal too. Just find it strange since the FAQs mention the portal will have info on app status, updating publications, etc while it currently has no functionality Anyway, please drop in a word if anyone sees a change!
  2. Has anyone managed to get a response from CMU regarding this? I wrote to them just to be sure but haven't heard back
  3. Same here, can't see my application anymore. I checked with another friend and it's the same with him so I'm guessing it's normal Would be great if others could tell whether they see anything different or same!
  4. Hi guys, Can anyone confirm if they're able to view their submitted MS application to CMU computer science? I could view a locked form after the 15 December deadline but now there's only the option to start a new application. Not a big deal but just want to make sure anyway.
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