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  1. Hi everyone! Is there anyone here who has applied to Masters' programs in Materials Science and Engineering? I have applied to a mix of schools in the top 25 list by US News, and so far, have been rejected by UPenn and ASU. (ASU admitted me last year, but I could not join. My GPA has only gotten better and I have my undergrad thesis and one extra year of research in Switzerland to show for my extra year in between) How is it going for others out there?
  2. Feri, Hi, I'm joining ETH this semester as a visiting student starting September 1, 2014 and I keep running into stone walls searching for accommodation. Did you find a place for yourself yet? Any direction you could provide me in this regard would be helpful. If you have any contacts who could help, that would be even better! Thanks!
  3. A professor who is not on the admissions committee wanted to talk to me on the phone since he is interested in my profile. But due to bad timing and him not putting my application on hold (or whatever), my application was rejected officially (by members of the committee). So, he said that he will talk to the admissions committee and try to reverse the decision. Have you ever come across a situation where this has happened? Was the decision overturned?
  4. Please don't bother with program specific information. Just give me an approximate time range (maybe averaged over all existing doctoral programs, or people you know who applied in the past).
  5. @@jamc8383, Would you say that those two letters were a dominant factor for your admission to the school?
  6. I did an internship at Northwestern University last summer, under the senior-most professor in the department (Materials Science). On account of my performance, he and a research assistant professor agreed to write letters for me. My aim now, is to get into Northwestern. So, when the admissions committee at Northwestern sees my application and that two recommendations are from people whom they see everyday and have a relationship with, what will their first thought be? I'm concerned as they might think I'm trying a shortcut to get into the department. Please tell me they won't. Btw, I'm guessing both letters will be very strong.
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