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  1. You didn't! Good luck, I hope the response is positive.
  2. It might be worth reaching out to those schools. If they have waitlists and if you are on a waitlist, it is very possible to be offered admission after the April 15th deadline.
  3. Thank you much! From what I was told, it seems that I'm an alternate for a particular sub-field in the department, so I believe I'm waiting for one or two specific people to accept or decline. I'm trying to stay hopeful but also realistic. Good luck to everyone else who is waiting to hear!
  4. I'm probably at an 8 as well. 3 rejections and the final school has me as an alternate. I'm really trying to send telepathic messages to that one person who was accepted ahead of me, regardless of what their decision is, just so I can have an answer (although, I'd obviously love for them to accept a wonderful offer elsewhere so I could get in).
  5. Thanks. I'm curious as to what could have gone wrong to cause the thread to disappear into the night (mid-late afternoon).
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw it earlier today, probably around 10 or 11 am EST but my history has me visiting it last yesterday (March 5th). It was started by AwayGeologistKid. Here's a cached version of the thread
  7. Oh, super weird. I swear I checked the forum maybe 5 or 6 hours ago and it was there, 2nd thread down.
  8. So, I've seen an acceptance or 2 from one of the schools I applied to. The data on them is few and far but based on the total of ~8 updates on the survey the acceptances don't seem to be staggered; however, the rejections all seem to come ~2 months after the acceptances, very close to the April 15th deadline. I'm about 99.999999999(repeating)% sure that this is a rejection for me (based on data, I was told they'd likely only have money to accept one person in my particular sub-field this season!). Is it ok to contact the department and check if all of the acceptances or decisions have be
  9. I've never been one to turn down a doctor's orders.
  10. Was literally just realizing I needed to take one as I was sitting here reading this thread and practically eating my fingers.
  11. Thank you! It went as smoothly as this type of situation could. I resubmitted on Sunday evening, all of my letters were back in by Monday afternoon. I did receive an email today by that institution titled, in all caps "GRADUATE ADMISSION APPLICATION UPDATE" with a pdf file in it. I felt so nauseated as I was waiting for the pdf to load, all for it to be a pdf about the server failure and how my info was potentially compromised and i need to check with the 3 credit reporting agencies and possibly put an alert on my credit record. Sigh.
  12. @DBear Yep! Letters too. Sigh. Your quick application decision does give me hope though! I'm glad this forum is here so that I have people who understand the level of terribleness that is a fully wiped application, lol. Nothing I can do about it now except get my nose back to the grindstone for a few days! They did say they'd waive application fees for those who were affected, so there's that silver lining!
  13. Thank you- that's actually one of the first things I mentioned to my husband this AM when I woke up to the email letting me know.. The email implied that we had until MARCH FIRST to resubmit... So I was expecting a result the 2nd week of February and now that's out the window. This is my top choice school so I was comforting myself with the idea that I probably only had to wait 3 more weeks. I feel the worst about the fact that my recommenders have to resubmit their letters though.
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