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  1. Strange... could it be coming today for you as well?? I think mail is delivered until 8 pm or so most places, isn't it? Otherwise I'm just going to stick with my sense that Canada Post is kind of impenetrable...
  2. Just noticed someone on twitter post about an hour ago that they did not receive an award -- as far as I can tell they are in Montreal, which is where I am. I haven't got any news yet though... suppressing an urge to sit by the mailbox.
  3. I kept telling myself this would happen, but it hasn't made it any less frustrating! I've never known SSHRC to meet a deadline, and since they pushed back the submission deadline for this comp I just knew they'd push back the results too... Hang tight folks, we'll make it!
  4. Thanks for sharing! I knew they would miss the February "deadline" but somehow I'm still annoyed... @FSBM I hope you are right!
  5. Yes, I'm pretty sure those are the results from last year's competition. I know another applicant who called SSHRC recently and they confirmed results would be mailed this month. From my experience with SSHRC I'm going to guess that means end of the month and we'll receive them hopefully in early March? Hope I'm wrong and they get to it sooner..
  6. No kidding! I wish SSHRC would get on board with e-mailing... Good luck to you!
  7. This is a long shot as there never seem to be a lot of us, but is there anyone else out there who applied to the SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship competition this time around?? Hopefully letters should go out next month, so wondering if anyone is in the same waiting boat as I am. This is my second time applying to the postdoc competition, I was unsuccessful last year so fingers crossed this time!
  8. Good luck all! Very anxiously waiting. How far do your letters have to go? Mine is bound for Toronto, so I hope delivery will be fairly quick. Today or tomorrow even??
  9. Waiting is torturous, but I'm glad there are a couple of others out there to commiserate with! From last year's thread it looks like they mailed the results on March 1st last year (and tweeted about it when they did). I've been checking up on the SSHRC twitter feed, but we could have another couple of weeks to wait... ugh!
  10. Hey Kaymarie - yes, I'm waiting too! No news yet. Good luck!
  11. Hey! I just submitted my application to the SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship competition for next fall. So I thought I would start this thread in case anyone else is in the same impatient boat until February... Anyone out there?
  12. Received my letter today in Toronto! Awarded the CGS-D with a score of 15.8 - so very excited!! However, I'm already in a program outside Canada so will need to turn it down in favor of a fellowship I think? I assume it's routine to do that, but can anyone confirm? Having daymares of them taking it away all together... best of luck to those still waiting!!
  13. Woah, when it rains it pours! Congrats all! Shouts out the other direct applicants who can't e-mail the dgs and will have to wait out the weekend... stay strong!
  14. Big congrats, Anthrogal!! Can't believe the months of waiting are almost over... good luck to everyone else still waiting!
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