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  1. Even so, a 3.5 MA GPA is low. To be honest, coursework in grad programs are not as competitive as in undergrad so you should have gotten at least above 3.8.
  2. You have to play this game in the application process and you definitely should because you are not bound to any ranking or match system. For example, when you apply for internships, you can't even say that a site is your top choice because it would violate against the policies of the ranking system.
  3. Thanks but I already emailed and heard back! If you are still wondering, yes you can send them via email.
  4. If the letter doesn't come by Monday, they will give you the results via email. This has happened to me before. They sent me a locked document and the password in a separate email.
  5. Are we allowed to send the request for instalment form via email?
  6. Delaware, I really hope you get the letter tomorrow
  7. SadieLou and 1Q84, my mail arrived today! Awarded a doctoral fellowship! For those trying to figure out waitlist, my score is 12.89, committee 4.
  8. I send letter mails to Ottawa from the US for student aid stuff and it doesn't even take 4 business days normally.
  9. Is it possible that the mail may have been lost? Did anyone else from Toronto get their's yet? That is pretty ridiculous!
  10. Yeah, I did receive non letter-sized mails in my image. However, it may be that international mails are treated differently...When I first applied, I remember receiving my regular mail delivery and then receiving a second delivery for my SSHRC letter on the same day.
  11. Damn it, still no SSHRC letter in USPS Informed Delivery.
  12. All the letters that were in my images for the informed delivery email did show up today and there were also medium sized envelopes. So, I wouldn't be surprised if SSHRC letters would show up in these images. Fingers crossed for tomorrow...
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