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  1. still haven't heard from NYU, for all those interested! hopefully this week!
  2. NYU applicants: I just asked for an update. PM me and i'll loop you in on what I receive
  3. @SocialPubHealth ok great I just emailed the guy-last time i heard from him was 2/3 weeks ago
  4. How many times is it appropriate to follow up with an admissions coordinator? I haven't heard back from my last email on a timeline for decisions
  5. they said end of last week. don't know about epi though, they might make acceptances by track. have you conacted? @epigrl2017
  6. this NYU thing is crazy. its been almost a month since our interviews.
  7. I'm surprised so many schools still haven't given notifications. I just hate the fact that you could potentially have to make a major life decision in such a short time.
  8. I've been getting bummed out at the start of every business day!
  9. i was interviewed at a program and already saw two acceptances. do you think decisions could still be being made?
  10. No I wouldn't have to take out loans. I definately have a bit of social anxiety, but I moved to a new country last year and loved it and found it to be a great experience. I do love my friends/family/life in this city though so its a difficult choice. The cities are close enough (2-3 hr train) that my parents said I could always come home if I want to. I am leaning towards the first, but have never visited that city before, so I need to see the vibe. I guess im scared of losing friends, etc.
  11. Hi all, so I have gotten accepted to two terminal master's programs at two good schools (both Ivies). Price is the same at both. Having a hard time choosing School A: #1, Extremely prestigious, the name/program would get me a lot of career connections and the school has huge resources. The con is that it is in a city I really don't like or know anyone in, that is quite expensive. I'm worried the adjustment to a new city would affect my schoolwork and quality of life. School B: The "hometown" school. Was planning on going here but had a terrible visiting day experience-the o
  12. same here re: NYU. Assuming a rejection but just would like SOME indication
  13. well it seems that if one person was admitted, we would be waiting mostly for waitlists or rejections! or at least that's how im taking it
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