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  1. Received rejection from F1 this morning Good luck everyone who is still waiting.
  2. I am also F1 and haven't heard anything =/ Getting anxious!
  3. Thanks for letting us know, aconv13. Better luck next time, but cheers for the high rating on the peer review nonetheless. I hope that they let everyone know soon, this wait is brutal.
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. At first I thought they meant 6 months from the deadline, but that still doesn't quite add up. Maybe it was a remnant leftover from a modified copy/paste form response they send out to all grant submissions and not just the STAR fellowship?
  6. I got the same e-mail. Frustrating
  7. In reference to your first question, I would advise you to check into specific programs to determine whether they offer "rolling admissions". If so, then you must get your application in as soon as possible in order to qualify for the first round of interviews and maximize your chance of admission. I am not familiar with psychology specifically, so rolling admissions may not apply to your field.
  8. Thanks for the update.
  9. I read this on the fellowship page: "Due to the volume of applications received, the emailed acknowledgement from receipt.application@epa.gov may take several weeks. Thus, our staff will not respond to queries regarding applications received before June 25, 2015. Please make a notation on your calendar to contact the program at 2015FellowshipsRFA@epa.gov from June 25, 2015, to no later than 5:00 PM ET July 9, 2015, for information if you have not received the notification from receipt.application@epa.gov by that time. Failure to follow these instructions may result in your application not
  10. I believe that the application stated we should know for certain by August 1st, but I think that finalists may be contacted sooner in order to submit official transcripts and to complete other documentation. I am also an applicant under the F1 category, and super anxious to hear back already!
  11. I think this is highly variable from one research team to the next. Even within my department, I have worked on several different research teams resulting in very different experiences. I am currently in a social sciences field (if that helps as a frame of reference). Through working for some faculty members, I have been expected to conduct all work on campus or at research sites. This involved a lot of on-campus time face-to-face. With another professor, the research was not as classified, and I am able to work at home via the school's VPN. Also for this assistantship, I am a more "senior
  12. Is it possible that you had an advisor that you had more contact with than a professor? If so, this person might be able to provide an academic letter of recommendation on your behalf. Were you involved in any academic organizations? A faculty member affiliated with a club or group that you were involved in as part of your major could also be a great resource as a reference. You mentioned that you are working full time. Is this in a field that is related to your career? With some guidance, a supervisor may be able to provide a suitable letter of recommendation based on your applied skills.
  13. Thanks for posting this! I will definitely be following the page for updates.
  14. I applied for F1 too (Urban Planning field). Good luck everyone!
  15. Hi HNV721, I'm moving to Tallahassee from Atlanta with my husband in the Fall as well. We are looking at apartments that are a little more pricey (~$900 a month) range and are really pleased with Alexan Southwood and Verandas at Southwood on a first impression. I'm also searching craigslist for a rental house, as I'd prefer more space than an apartment, but it seems that even the older rental homes are pretty pricey. Let me know if you've heard of anywhere else I should check out! Thanks!
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