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  1. @ghint I received a letter today. I was denied as well. Good look to everyone else. "Keep your head up" to those who are feeling the same way I am.
  2. Its March 7th and Still Nothing. . . Anybody hear back? @Noodlette @ghint @DraPHt2016 I saw that the MSW students have been getting acceptance letters for about a week. I'm hearing the 15th being the BIG DAY for everyone to know.
  3. @DRPH Hopeful, MSW , Our friend @NotSoPatientlyWaiting2018 got accepted into a doctoral program at Berkeley. Did you have to interview @NotSoPatientlyWaiting2018?
  4. Congrats on the recommendation! So what happens next? Does the Epidemiology & BioStatistics program automatically accept you? Or are there additional steps?
  5. I applied to the MPH Health and Social Behavior program. They said we would be notified by email but I'm wondering if we'll get a letter in the mail as well. That would be super awesome! I saw the undergraduate acceptance letter on twitter and I loved it! what other schools did you apply to?
  6. Congratulations!! I'm sooooooooo happy for you! I haven't heard anything yet. Still waiting. I heard the admissions committee connects you with fellowships based off of your personal statement and statement of purpose. I wonder when admitted students receive an award letter.
  7. I'm waiting for admissions into the Health and Social Behavior option. I heard we would find out mid february, early march. What is POI?
  8. I don't mind at all. Sorry about that. I'm new to the site.
  9. Hi, I applied to the MPH program doe Health and Social behavior and I've had a similar experience as you. I think all we could do is patiently wait until the end of the month.
  10. I would think your chances are very high! You are a very accomplished individual. Have you heard back from Harvard yet?
  11. Hey everyone, I am a prospective graduate student for the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley ( Cal ). I am still waiting for an acceptance letter. I'm Speaking Acceptance Into Existence (i.e my user name ) Have you been accepted, rejected, still waiting? Any news on when your department will release decision letters? Lets Discuss! <3
  12. @JosePalacios @mm3192 @AnthroPhDHopeful I just checked my Berkeley portal and I didn't have any notifications. Looking back on my email from Admissions, the School of Public Health will be notified by email mid February to early March
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