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  1. You don't have to reciprocate. He makes a lot more money than you, hence, he provided an educational gift. A thank you card will be sufficient.
  2. Just a tip I thought I'd share - the HP spectre x360 is excluded from all promotions and won't be a part of any back to school bundles this summer. I called their sales number and basically said I want a better price, or more stuff included if I have to pay retail. They said Okay we will take $100 off. They can put together accessory and warranty packages, too! So whole you're shopping, don't forget to call! It never hurts to ask! T
  3. Where can I buy a backpack? Haven't needed to buy one in over ten years. Decent brands/suggestions?

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    2. ahlatsiawa


      And I actually got it for $20 cheaper than what it's currently priced at.

    3. rising_star


      There was a discussion about this on the "Grad School Supplies" thread...

    4. MidwesternAloha


      Thank you all! I'll check out those bags and the thread.

  4. I am in no way justifying the unprofessional behavior of your cohort but part of growing up is learning how to deal with people you don't like. You probably won't want to be friends with with most of the people you encounter in your career. That's okay. You're there to do good research, learn as much as you can from your mentor, and be polite to those around you. It's a shame your peers are less ambitious and not the type to encourage you to do you best. Let their comments bounce off of you. Keep working hard and getting funding awards. It's better not to disclose funding to peers, anyway beca
  5. Yes, thank you for asking! Non life threatening bite.
  6. Brown recluse in my house today. Currently at the vet with my cat because she killed it and may have gotten bit. I'm so done with life lol
  7. Any time someone says, "don't move," you know it's going to be bad. Lol
  8. If that happened to me, I'd be sitting here thinking of what to tell my husband when he saw that I burned the house down. Holy cow. That is terrifying. I'm glad you survived it, though.
  9. I'm petrified of them. I will legitimately sponge bathe in the kitchen if one is in my shower. I ran into a banana spider web (complete with an inhabitant the size of a mouse) when I lived in Hawaii. Horrifying. Still have PTSD about that. It's just funny because snakes, cockroaches don't even bother me. I used to want to be an entomologist til I learned that, professionally, they mainly work on ways to kill insects.
  10. I found the best luck browsing universities' websites (career openings) and applying for anything remotely resembling a position I'd be qualified for. With a bachelor's degree, you are OVER qualified to be a tech. They will not pay you to spin tubes all day, no matter how willing you are. I found a full time research assistant position within 2 weeks. Also, going through scientific recruiting (aka temp agencies like Kelly Services) is a great, underutilized option. Certain desirable companies (Cleveland Clinic, for example) only use staffing agencies to weed out applicants. I highly recommend
  11. Where do you recommend buying the necessary equipment from? I've replaced RAM but never anything else... Tips would be appreciated. I'm all about saving money if I can do it myself. Thank you, btw!
  12. On the bright side, I learned I can operate my vehicle from the passenger seat. Maybe that's a skill you guys can learn, too! Jk... I hope you don't have to. And I hear Peppermint oil keeps them away.
  13. I've had it with spiders falling on me when I'm in my car!
  14. Thank you, geodude and esotericish!! I haven't bought a laptop in almost ten years (used a netbook in college and have a desktop at work that I use now, no need for a laptop since I can use my smartphone at home) - so I am learning all the new technology. Thanks for breaking it down! I'm guessing the 512 upgrade is worth it, and will likely go with that option.
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