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  1. Choose *funded* programs, like UMass, Case Western (I believe), Tufts, Iowa (I believe), Williams, etc. Really, don't take out loans for this degree.
  2. I believe what @telkanuru is saying is that, because three meals a day is arbitrary, merely omitting one from your diet is simply changing the amount of meals you have a day. If you normally eat three meals a day, but decide not to eat, say, lunch one day, that's skipping. He said he's being persnickety about it.
  3. I think a gap year or two is a good idea; that's what I did. Wisconsin is a great program with some great faculty members. (They really have almost all bases covered, chronologically and geographically speaking.) However, the university is kind of going through it apropos to its budget. (If you're not familiar, Google it.) And I'm not sure if they fund their MA students anymore; I'd check with the students. And I think that Boston only funds its doctoral students. Notre Dame, from what I've heard, may freeze their MA program, and I don't think anyone there works in your area. I've he
  4. @runjackrun Not apologies necessary; thank you for going in-depth about those neighborhoods! I'll be taking you up on that PM at some point.
  5. Anyone have advice on where to live? I feel that Minneapolis, in general, is a bit...sketchy. I've even heard of neighborhoods like Uptown as being a bit dangerous lately. All of the lovelier neighborhoods seem too far away or too pricey. My stipend is fairly generous, I think, so I have a nice amount to work with. I dunno...I'm pretty stressed about the move, honestly. Would the west side of St. Paul be an alternative? Or do any grad students live in, say, the St. Louis Park area west of the lakes? Maybe I should just get a car and live further out. Le sigh.
  6. Everything from Wilmette to Lake Bluff is made up of affluent, primarily single-family houses where properties of $1,000,000 are considered normal. (Though you might find the occasional apartment.) Unless you're independently wealthy, you're better off in Evanston/Rogers Park.
  7. ETA: I want to add a caveat that I am not a current Notre Dame student or alumnus/a; I'm but a mere, mortal townie who's leaving in the fall. Michiana (the greater region in which Notre Dame is located) tends to be fairly...sleepy. Yes, Chicago is about 1.5 hours away, but in the immediate area, you have to really hunt for exciting stuff to do. I've lived here for most of my life, and I think that I'm lucky that I'm kind of an introvert who doesn't need a lot of nightlife, because it's hard to find here. The only time the area has much hustle and bustle is during, of course, football seas
  8. @unanachronism I'm simply having a hard time deciding if I simply want to get an M.A., work for a while, and, maybe, get a Ph.D., or just go into a Ph.D. program now. I'm not really soliciting advice; I'm just whining, lol. Just seeking commiseration.
  9. Has anyone else made a decision about where s/he's going? I'm kind of having a hard time with making a decision, and decision day is looming on the horizon!
  10. How is it living without a car in Amherst? I might live on campus the first year if I go, but after that, I'll probably move into an apartment. I'm sure that this has been answered, but I want a fresh perspective.
  11. Well, again, congratulations! I definitely steered clear of NYC.
  12. Congratulations to the BU admit! I'm jealous--I almost applied there, but Boston is so expensive. (But lovely.)
  13. Totally not being weird! I'm the same way, which is why I may not even mention any of the particular schools I applied to until after April. I've heard from only two of my schools thus far. Happily, they're acceptances (and one with full funding!), but I'm super anxious about the other four schools!
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