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  1. Is the GRE subject test in literature recommended for masters applicants in English? I ask because the programs I've looked into don't require it (Villanova, Columbia, Georgetown, BC, etc.), but haven't mentioned anything about whether they recommend it.
  2. Thank you everyone for the amazing input! Does anyone happen to have any information about the masters program at UC Davis? Apparently they offer stipends and tuition remissions, and seem to have a decent Asian art faculty there.
  3. Thanks so much equestrian! I've looked into their program and it sounds very interesting. And even without funding, their tuition for international students is much cheaper than American schools, haha. I've added a couple of schools to the list: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill University of Texas - Austin University of British Columbia This list is obviously by no means final (I'd most likely take a gap year or two between undergrad and grad school anyways). Which is why I'd really appreciate your guys' help on narrowing down this list of schools.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a Visual Arts/Visual Studies major at Duke, and I'm considering going slightly off track for grad school to pursue a Masters in Art History. My interest areas are Asian Art, Film, and Photography. My senior thesis will either be on Japanese photography or Korean cinema. My GPA is 3.85 (not sure if this is relevant). Williams College Tufts University Boston University Syracuse University Tulane University Notre Dame University Case Western Reserve University University of Delaware University of California - Riverside University of Wisconsin - Madison
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