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    19th century French art, Islamic visual culture, formations of nationalism, cultural and material history, world religions, 19th-20th century Ottoman Empire, Native American history, Nabokov
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    2017 Fall
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  1. I heard back from Penn on March 9th, and I haven't heard back from Columbia yet either. Good luck!
  2. Hello! I applied to Penn, Williams College, and Columbia for a Masters in Art History. I was accepted to Penn, and rejected from Williams. I'm waiting to hear from Columbia. Has anyone heard yet? I want to give Penn my decision, but I want to wait until I hear from Columbia. I am a University of Michigan grad currently on a gap year, and my areas of focus are 19th-century French art and Islamic visual culture. Best of luck to you all!
  3. Has anyone heard back from Columbia yet for a Masters in Art History? The deadline to respond to my other school is approaching, and I don't want to make that decision without knowing of my acceptance or rejection from Columbia. Good luck to all!
  4. Any opinions on terminal MA programs in art history? I'm currently thinking about Columbia and Penn, and possibly Williams. Good and bad experiences are both valid. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I recently took the GRE for the second time. My Quantitative score was bad (which was expected). I was in the 98th percentile for Verbal, but I got a 2.5 for AW. That's the 7th percentile! I got a 3 AW score the last time I took the GRE. I am planning on going for a Masters in Art History, and possibly eventually a PhD in History. I majored in both in undergrad... writing is what I do. The score is illogical to me. I graduated from U of Michigan with High Honors for a thesis in the Art History department. I was constantly commended by my professors for my writing skill. I studied for the G
  6. Hi! Has anyone gone for their Masters at the Ecole du Louvre? Especially for Americans/English-speaking students, what was your experience like? Thank you.
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