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  1. Hey! Thanks for letting me know. When you say via website you mean the portal? I wonder why I don't see anything on my portal. I also received the unofficial offer letter on Feb 13th.
  2. Hi all, I gave an interview at UNC for their BBSP program the weekend of feb 6-8. I received a call stating acceptance to the program from one of the interviewers on 12th feb. I was told I would be receiving the official offer letter in a week but I haven't received anything so far. I'm a little worried now. Is it just me? Did anyone else receive the official offer letter from UNC BBSP?
  3. By any chance does anybody know if MD Anderson is still sending out invites? I know a few people got interview offers in December. Did anyone hear from them after that?
  4. Hey! Congrats on the invite. Which program did you apply to? Do you know if they sent out all invites?
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