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  1. I accepted an offer yesterday!!! I am over the moon happy!!!
  2. Question - has anyone heard from Georgetown's Tumor Biology program? I know they typically send out interview invites late.
  3. Welp, all my schools except one have sent out invites. How much do I need to panic? Or should I start considering other options....?
  4. Do you think I'd have a chance at getting an interview? Or do you think I should contact any PIs? I really like the program and the location and feel like it would be a good fit. I'm having a stress induced heart attack because most of the programs I applied to have already sent out invites.
  5. Congrats to everyone who has been getting invites! Unfortunately I think I am out for invites for this years round of applications. I wonder if anyone could take a look at my profile and see if there's anything I could improve upon?
  6. Hi All. I haven't heard from any grad programs yet. I'm a little nervous as to why I haven't heard. I don't think my application was bad (I filled out an applicant profile on page 4). Has anyone else not heard back yet?
  7. Undergrad Institution: small liberal arts Major(s): biologyMinor(s):GPA in Major: 3.5Overall GPA: 3.6Type of Student: womanGRE Scores (revised/old version): not submitting GREsQ:V:W:B:Research Experience: 2 years biophysics research at my undergrad institution, 2 poster presentations (one at a national conference). By the time of entering a grad program, 1 year cancer bio research experience at a top 5 research institution, hopefully with a poster presentations and maybe a talk? still tbd Awards/Honors/Recognitions: fellowship for research during summer of 2018 at my undergrad institutionPertinent Activities or Jobs: Genetics TAAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Manuscript in preparation with former PI, submitting to a small but very reputable peer-reviewed journal Special Bonus Points: Recommender that is a full prof at a top 5 institution, one recommender is chair of his department, last recommender is big name in his field Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: My GPA took a hit my sophomore year due to a chronic illness going undiagnosed. After it was treated my upperclassman GPA rebounded back to normal (usually around a 3.8), but those two semesters my sophomore year (clocking in a 3.3 and 3.1 respectively) really hurt me.Applying to Where:Northwestern - DGP Harvard - BBS Vanderbilt - IGP Icahn School of Medicine - Biomedical Sciences NYU - Sackler Institute for Biomedical Sciences Georgetown - Tumor Biology Weill Cornell - BCMB Allied UCSD - Biomedical Sciences Brown University - Pathobiology
  8. Thank you for your advice! I dedicated a total of 2 sentences explaining one C and one withdraw, but I'm still paranoid that my withdraw was the reason why I got denied. I spent most of my SOP describing my past research, completed projects, and how it curated my current research interests. I discussed my future goals and how I would like to apply them, and why the school and I were an excellent fit for each other. I'm a little at a loss, but I'm choosing to use this opportunity for a gap year that may expand my horizons a little more.
  9. Applied to 5 schools this year. 2 in top 30, 1 in top 50, the other two didn't even break the top 100. Pretty sure I was outright rejected by all 5, and am looking for a little bit of clarification. I went to a small, private institution, had almost 2 years research experience under my belt, LORs from current PI and profs I have tutored for. I have a 3.5 GPA, which could have been significantly higher if it wasn't due to a health crisis during my sophomore year, every other semester hovers around a 3.8. GREs were alright, not 90th percentile but certainly strong enough not to be thrown away. Presenting my research at a national conference in a few weeks. Due to an unfortunate medical diagnosis my senior year for a condition thats out of my control, I had to withdraw from one class in order to attend multiple doctors appoints, and preoperative assessments. Could this have been the deciding factor in my application? I know a withdraw is quite an ugly mark on a transcript, but I explained it in my SOP. I'm currently at a loss. For those who succeeded, what were the things you credit your success to? I am looking to reapply next year and come back even stronger. I plan to find an excellent job, maybe take a few supplemental classes in order to show how serious I truly am about this. Thanks in advance to you all! And congrats to those who have got in (:
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