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  1. There was a great post on this by socialworkphd back a few years. Basically, I believe that it boils down to: what region do you want to live? (1st job and subsequent contacts) How strong is that school's alumni group? same reason. Cheapest tuition. Reputation among the employers. I don't think specialization matters, but internship is critical. So if you want to do child welfare, hospital, schools, mental health etc.. you have to have that specific practicum experience before they will hire you. That said, concentrations are sometimes the gatekeepers to the practicum experience that you wan
  2. It really depends on your goals. I like the fullerton program because it has more of a psychological orientation and differs from the social work curriculum. I think it is useful for people to develop skills and substantive interests from outside social work before the MSW level. That's how they enrich the program; by bringing in skills and experiences. On the other hand, I like the san jose program because it would be a great way to transition to a MSW program seamlessly and you will get useful letters of rec from faculty in a MSW program. If you need help to stay motivated to complete the MS
  3. I would ask yourself, what are my concrete career goals? What job can I get with this degree? pm for a discussion, because I see this resurgence and I would like to know more about the DSW. Maybe Social Work PhD will chime in?
  4. hiclub2, I believe it depends on your career goals. What draws you to the DSW rather than a PhD in social work?
  5. I forgot to comment on the Berkeley housing. We never lived in the housing in Albany, but we had friends who did and they liked it. It was very new and well-maintained. The biggest complaint is the price, which is why many people live off-campus with kids. Also, you have to take a city bus to campus and it doesn't run frequently enough during the middle part of the day. Some people drove from the housing. I took a city bus from within (off-campus) Berkeley, but you could easily take Bart (train) from other cities. My husband rode bikes with our daughter to school. (lots of bikes in Berkeley) I
  6. I love Berkeley. They were offering a student parent grant of $8000 a year so ask about that. The local public schools are great as well. Also, they have strong community functions for the city and the student parent community. Lots of people drive in the bay area, so please do consider that factor. Berkeley has somewhat good transportation, but with a newborn it would be nice to have a carseat etc. Best of luck! I don't subscribe to this listserv, but it might be helpful for you. http://parents.berkeley.edu/
  7. If I was asked to do this I might start with looking at a think tank like urban institute. It's just one of many good ones. I found this, which might help. http://www.urban.org/publications/412982.html My first approach would be to figure out how many characters/words you are limited to. That will help guide you. pm if you like.
  8. Advocate for a paid placement. Moreover, ask if your school can give you work-study to make it easier on the employer. Worked for me I had a preschooler and a spouse during the program.
  9. Eigen: I will concede that any sort of apology could very well smooth over any perceived disrespect. It can't hurt right?
  10. Eigen: I am not sure your post was addressed to me, but I will respond anyways . As the OP has already moved her concern up the chain of command, I don't think it is useful to advise her not to at this point of the game. OP: Moving forward, it might be useful to negotiate or suggest that you interview with two sites or have input on identifying the next potential site... That way, you can avoid the possibility that they stick you with another lemon placement. At least the odds are better that one of them might actually have an MSW and/or be familiar with their role as field supervisor. Bes
  11. With all due respect, I have to politely disagree with Eigen. For clarification purposes, unlike the typical social science PhD program, the MSW program is a professional program that (usually) lasts two years. The placement the OP described can be up to a 24 hour a week commitment (900-1200 hours in total) where students are (usually) unlike PhD students placed for FREE! Students are expected to network and make connections for career placement in the very near future. Many times employers take on students with the intent of hiring them after the placement and I have seen this happen quite of
  12. Dear Professor socialworkphd, Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! This is immensely helpful and I am very grateful for your support. Best, justastudent
  13. Dear SocialWorkPhd, Is it better to be sole author on a mediocre publication in a mediocre journal, or second or third on a professor's pub in a well-regarded journal? My plan was to have a mix of both, but if at some point I have to make a decision what would you suggest a new PhD grad student at a R1 university do? Thanks for all your support!
  14. Hi Crow. Who are you referring to? just curious. I would have to disagree with you on one particular point. I studied for the MSW under a few certain professors who were proud to boast about never having performed social work. I was not pleased nor impressed with their disdain for doing the thing they were supposed to be training me to do. Also, had I not had social work experience before the MSW I would not have had the personal experiences to match to the theory I learned in class. That said, we all learn differently. This was just my experience. Best of luck in your apps.
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