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    Educational multimedia and its applications in special education.
    Methods of diagnosis of autism spectrum disabilities.
    And still waiting to learn more so I could find areas of most interest to me.
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  1. Where I am now, TAs are paid a bit better than GSR/RAs. About $300/ month more... Which counts when you also have a family on tow. But I'm still a GSR. Too interesting to give it up for now.
  2. Hmmm.... I'm currently in a humanity field with a STEM background, and my research interest is related to my background, wanting to apply it to the current field. If this makes any sense. And theya re interested in my idea of doing interdisciplinary research. But the funding, oh the funding.... Should I look for extramural funding? Would NSF even look into an application as mine, interdisciplinary but based on humanities?
  3. Too late, I'm already done with my first year. While they cover all tuition and health insurance, also all kind of other perks in campus (which I don't really use because I live off campus), the stipend is rather small, and I had to take a part time job off campus. Second year stipend is only a bit larger but still not enough for survival. I too met with grad students before but the financial details were not discussed. I felt like they were avoiding that kind of conversation. Second offer I had was having a nicer stipend but the cost of living there is much higher. Tough choice.
  4. You're talking about stipends here, or the entire stipend + tuition + health insurance and other fees? That looks like my stipend is really, I mean really low.... That's why I need to work outside the university too, making studying so much more difficult. And I didn't discuss financial aspect with grad students before making my choice because I thought it will make me look like an extremely financing-oriented person. That's tough though, to try getting through the program while working (almost) full time too.
  5. Oh yeah! For all of them except the cherry flavor (sometimes) and especially RD Jr. I cannot even stand his "precious" faces in any of his recent movies. That's why I don't enjoy watching Ironman or other movies where he's the main character.
  6. I love having most of my books on kindle for iPad. I also have some of them on my PC. It's so much easier to carry them around, and the Kindle versions are cheaper too. Plus all types of other documents you might need. It's really handy.
  7. I've been called a couple of years ago and I completely forgot about it. I found the invitation when cleaning my desk, approx. a week after the date. Nothing happened, thankfully. Idk to this day what the repercussions might be. Hope not to find out.
  8. Being born and having lived for 30+ years in Europe (Romania), I am overwhelmed by how many European countries most of you here have visited. Not living in the EU! I guess having all places close I was always thinking of visiting them "at a later time", with a kinda work that was taking almost all my life. I visited Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Nederland, Syria (on my way to Africa, and on my way back, each time 10 days). Lived and worked for NGOs in Sudan. That was the most exciting experience I have ever had in my life. At night, laying down on the red Saharan sand, you could see the sky as a
  9. I've been using for many years dealoz.com. It's a search website for books and it will find you the cheapest books available on the market online. Even books for rent. http://www.dealoz.com
  10. Lucky! Winter quarter already started here and we have a full week. Good luck in your new quarter/semester!
  11. I know this post is almost one year old, but to make others' wait easier: last year I've had my first invitation to an interview in early February, and it was to the university that had the latest deadline, at the beginning of January. Lucky me, it was my first choice (together with another one), but because the interview went so well., I chose them over the others. And I love it here.
  12. That's for undergrads. Sorry I cannot answer the questions regarding the different on-campus apartments, I live off campus.
  13. I feel exactly the same about the taste of... beer. It's like a terrible medicine taste, and the smell is no better. I just can't stand beer.
  14. I meant cocoa but on the phone it's too small for me to see details
  15. I hate that I actually cannot drink coffee or coco, which I love. Does this count?
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