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  1. Hi everyone, I recently had an epiphany about wanting to switch my career to psychology, specifically developmental and/or social psychology. I am interested in obtaining a PhD in Psychology because I mainly want to teach and do research. However, I have a B.S. in Mathematics-Economics, so I have absolutely ZERO background in psychology. I don't know if I should get a 2nd bachelor's degree, do a post bacc, get a master's, or study psychology on my own somehow and jump straight to getting a PhD even though I have no knowledge in psychology. Also, I am already in debt from my undergrad, so I
  2. Justsomeguy, where else did you get admitted if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Great feedback guys! I think I'll stay on the waitlist and see if I get into Harris, but I'm going to treat it as if I didn't get in at all. I thought about reapplying next year, but you're right, chocolate and uncgrad. I already feel like one year is not enough time to make a huge difference on my application. I think I'll wait for fall 2016... We'll see. Thanks guys! Hopefully I do get into Harris though. The application process is just so horrible to redo everything.
  4. Hi everyone, UC Berkeley Goldman was my dream school, but I got rejected. However, one of my top choices, University of Chicago Harris wait listed me. After looking at the tuition/fees/costs for UChicago, I am debating whether I should try for Goldman again next year (especially since it is so much cheaper) or try to take my name off the wait list and try to get accepted to Chicago. UC Berkeley Goldman costs roughly $12k per year according to their website, and University of Chicago Harris costs roughly $60k per year according to their website. Does anyone know a comparison betwee
  5. Hi everyone, I just found out that I am wait listed for UChicago. I know I am not guaranteed admission, but I absolutely CANNOT believe this. CANNOT. I had rejection letters flying everywhere, so I actually cannot believe that a prestigious school like UChicago actually CONSIDERED me. I was expecting a rejection letter so I was mentally prepared, but ahhh!!! Wait listed! Does anyone know the stats for wait listed students being admitted? What is the percentage/likelihood of people on the wait list is actually admitted? Thanks all!
  6. They received my official transcript a while back, but I sent it to them in late November/early December.
  7. Ugh he's not at work today! So frustrated. Yeah I even asked around for people's opinions and they also said to stop by his office and ask personally. Thanks fuzzy!
  8. I am going through a similar situation myself right now. I had a deadline on 1/5, 1/6, two on 1/10, and 1/15. No rec letter was submitted from one of my LORs and I already emailed him twice. And before that, I emailed him all the deadlines in early October and he said he world definitely write me the letters. He works in the same building as me but he is very busy and I don't want to annoy/nag him. Ahhhhh I don't know what to do.
  9. I received the same email and I am on the same boat--one of my recommenders have yet to send in his letter. So I emailed them back asking them about rec letters, and the director emailed me back saying that as long you submitted your application by today, you will be considered for finaid.
  10. I just received an email from the Director again and he said I am admitted!!! I haven't gotten a formal letter of acceptance yet but he said he will be mailing it to me shortly. Ahhh!!! I cannot believe this. Did anyone else apply and hear back from them yet? I thought this was rather too soon since I sent in the application only 10 days ago.
  11. Did your father have a speech/hearing impairment after being diagnosed with brain cancer? If so, you can definitely incorporate that into your SOP.
  12. So you think it's a personal email from the director to me specifically? If so, I am glad, because I honestly didn't even think I was going to get into any MPP program (not that I did yet)--or even any graduate school program. Thanks, I feel a lot better!
  13. What specific health-related fields are you applying to? 'Sob stories' are not okay, but if you are able to incorporate that into the reason why you wish to pursue graduate studies in something very closely related to brain cancer (neurological diseases, brain anatomy-based fields, cancer, etc. not a science/health major here so I don't really know what fields but you get the point), then yes you should add this onto your SOP. However, you shouldn't say something like "My father had brain cancer and so that's why I want to be a doctor." You need to be specific why your father having brain canc
  14. Hi everyone--I applied to the UCI MPP program for Fall 2014 last night and I received an email from the UCI MPP director less than an hour ago. Here's the email that I received: Dear [my name], Quick introduction - my name is (faculty member/director) and in addition to be a faculty member in the Criminology, Law and Society Department here at UCI, I'm also the Director of our MMP (<--- was that a typo? Did he mean MPP?) Program. I was just spending a few moments reviewing some of the files and I just had to write - though I can not make admissions decisions unilaterally, I can tel
  15. I ended up applying for UMD because of its location as well. I actually put that on my SOP! Plus I interned in DC for 3 months and loved it there, so I figured why not? DC is a great place to network and start off as a young professional. Thank you everyone for your responses!
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