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  1. Ok ladies, I created the fb group! You should be able to find it using this link! https://www.facebook.com/groups/675939895845153/ And I'll definitely look into those apartments and keep you guys updated!
  2. Wow, talk about unprofessional. Schools have wait-lists for a reason so why should you be held accountable for claiming a spot until something else opens up? It's not like you committed to several schools at one time or something. Whatever, they'll get over it.
  3. Yay!!!! I'm so excited for you! I've been crossing my fingers that you'd get in off of the waitlist. I don't think there is one yet, but I'm not sure. If you guys want to private message me your emails I can make one. P.S. To the above posters, I would love to live near each other for studying/support purposes! We can start our own little speechie apartment community!
  4. UConn also has Spring admissions. Best of luck to all of you applying for the next round!
  5. Has anyone received any kind of financial aid information from Redlands? It's bizarre to me that I haven't received any word regarding loans/funding
  6. Oh man, San Jose is the worst when it comes to admissions!! They too claimed to have never received my transcripts, told me to resend them, only to then send me an email stating that they found the original batch. Then it was like pulling teeth to get them to change my "incomplete file" status on their portal site. Goodness!
  7. Honestly, I feel like your resume isn't lacking at all. My biggest piece of advice to you is to study your butt off for the GRE. Seriously. I have a great GPA and tons of experience, but I feel like a lot of schools wrote me off b/c my scores were less than stellar. So score high on the GRE and possibly get some observation/volunteer experience at a hospital so you can show your versatility in the field. Best of luck to you!!
  8. I think it just depends on how many acceptances they originally sent out. Most schools will send out something like 60 acceptances to fill 30 spots b/c they know not everyone is going to commit to their school.
  9. I totally get your frustration b/c I know how much it sucks to wait around, but keep in mind most schools lag with accepting people off of the waitlist b/c they're waiting to see how many people turn down their acceptances. They can't give away slots until slots open up. Keep your head up an good luck to all of you on waitlists!! :-)
  10. Yay!! I'm excited to see some prospective Redlands students. I was beginning to think I was one of the very few on this site!
  11. I still haven't heard back from them either so I'm going to assume mine is a rejection.
  12. From what I've heard from others, all of their acceptances have gone out and all that's left now are wait-list and rejections. I don't understand why it takes so long for schools to notify applicants...especially ones they've interviewed. Kinda tacky if you ask me!
  13. I would imagine that they wouldn't start taking people off of the waitlist until after the April 15th deadline, but I could be wrong. Good luck to you!! Does anyone know where most grad students live? I don't want to live right next to campus b/c I like my quiet and don't want to be by the rowdy undergrads so any tips would be appreciated.
  14. Wow, CSUN still hasn't sent out their admissions decisions?? That's crazy! I'm still waiting to hear back from SJSU, but I've had nothing but issues with them from the application process so I don't even care anymore. lol
  15. Most professors realize this kind of thing comes with the job so they're typically very nice about it. Like someone above stated, make sure you give them ample time to complete them though. I asked three profs from my post-bacc for 10 and none of them acted like this was out of the ordinary.
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