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  1. Hi everyone! Many of us will be starting graduate school next Fall, so I thought it would be a good time to start talking about loans. How much do you plan to be taking out to cover school? Also, for those of you who are older students or not on your parents' insurance plan, did you go through your school to receive health insurance? Any info on this would be great!
  2. I'm not sure if this helps, but a friend of mine recently got accepted off the waitlist at SFA. I declined SFA's and Lamar's offers this past week.
  3. I hope you hear from Lamar soon. I received an email, but I am not sure how they notify other applicants of their status. My status still says it's under departmental review. Yes, I plan to accept Univ of Houston's offer. I will be declining SFA's offer as soon as UH confirms that they received the paperwork necessary to reserve my spot. I loved SFA's program, so it was definitely a tough choice.
  4. Someone on the results page posted that they received their acceptance today. Have you heard anything?
  5. Have not heard a thing, which is crazy because the April 15 deadline for many schools is approaching. I called to inquire my status and the program coordinator responded, "you need to just be patient" lol.... Not impressed. Edit: it looks like people in previous years found out after April 1. Hope that helps.
  6. The tour was great. The professor showed me the lecture room, where therapy takes place, how we are observed during the sessions (a professor was watching a session live on her computer), the materials/toy closet (so. many. toys.), the lounge/grad student office. I actually saw an old classmate during the tour and she told me she was very happy with the program. Target class size is ~40 people and you start off with more coursework in the beginning (lighter clinical commitment; i.e. you will have 1-3 clients the first semester). They also try to ensure that clients are assigned appropriat
  7. Ahh thanks so much for this! I am accepting UH on Friday and scheduled a tour on campus too. They were super accommodating and even scheduled me with a professor to show me around (from my experience, tours are usually given by the grad students). My SLP supervisor and a colleague both attended UH and had nothing but great things to say about the program.
  8. I will be driving ~30 minutes per day. That's my current work commute, so I'm pretty used to it. Saving money will be pretty nice.
  9. Stats: Undergrad GPA: 3.66 (last 60 hours/major GPA: 3.75) from UT Austin GRE: 155 V, 149 Q, 4.5 AW 4 LoR: 2 professional (from my SLP clinical supervisors), 2 academic from UT Experience: 1.5 years as a bilingual SLPA in home health + pediatric clinic (also, have provided therapy in private preschools + an ABA clinic) 100+ observation/volunteer hours + 20 hours of CEUs Research assistant: assisted with a bilingual language acquisition project Worked part-time for a start-up in Austin (25 hours/week year-round, full-
  10. I'm a little late, but I though I'd share my experience. This was my first time applying to grad school. I graduated in 2015 and knew I needed a break before applying. I even mentioned this is one of my interviews and they seemed to appreciate the honesty/self awareness (this was one of the schools that I was accepted to). I moved to Houston and have worked as an SLPA in two settings for the past 1.5 years. I think this really helped my application because I was able to draw on real life experiences and demonstrate that I had gained experience in various settings. I asked my clinical supe
  11. In the email it says that we have to decide no later than April 15.
  12. Thank you so much. This is the first I have heard from any schools so I am kind of in shock. It was from Whitney, but the department head signed off the email.
  13. I just found out that I was accepted to SFA!
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