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  1. Reapplying

    Hi guys, so I've applied to in-state(texas) grad schools 2 times and I've been waitlisted/rejected. I've gotten pretty down with the process but know that this is what I want to do. I just don't know what schools I should apply to with my stats. I have taken the GRE twice and I don't think my score is improving or going to.If anyone has the same stats and was accepted to a university, please let me know. I'm at the point where my parents are forcing me to go another route and I'm really not ready to do that. I've worked as a paraprofessional within a speech therapy program at an elementary school and in the office of their ECI team for the last year now. Stats: last 60: 3.8 overall: 3.4 speech:3.6 gre: verbal:145 math:144 Writing: 4
  2. Lamar University - Fall 2017 admission

    Same! I emailed them earlier today on whether second round of acceptances have already been released but I didn't get anything back.
  3. Lamar University - Fall 2017 admission

    Thank you! It does! Do you know if she is accepting the offer?
  4. Lamar University - Fall 2017 admission

    Can you let me know If you hear back from SFA this upcoming week? Im on their waitlist too.
  5. ACU and SFA

    Oh okay! Thanks so much! I hope you get your other offers as well! good luck!
  6. ACU and SFA

    I am on the waiting list.. if you don't mind me asking, how long do you have to decide for SFA?
  7. ACU and SFA

    Congrats!!! So happy for you!
  8. ACU and SFA

    Oh my gosh! Awesome! Who did you get the email from? Like was it Whitney or a professor?
  9. ACU and SFA

    I just got waitlisted at ACU! Good luck to you too with SFA! Let me know if you hear anything at all!
  10. ACU and SFA

    If anyone hears from Abilene Christian University or Stephen F Austin, let me know! They're suppose to be sending offers out today.
  11. Reapplying

    Thank you so much! I mentioned it in my personal statement but it went over my head when it came to my interview.
  12. Reapplying

    Has anyone had the experience of applying their first round and getting waitlisted at a school and applying the following year and getting accepted? I reapplied to a school I got waitlisted at last year and just was curious if anyone had any luck!
  13. SFA

    Good luck with your interview! Which is your number one school? I applied to Texas State,SFA, and ACU.
  14. SFA

    I asked her that too and have yet to get a response. Have you gotten any offers?
  15. SFA

    I emailed her today and she told me that they will be sending offers on Friday!