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  1. I think its $20 or 25 for a year. Basically, it's a bunch of therapy sessions video recorded. Mainly pediatrics focused. Some schools (like my undergrad) have students watch videos on it, and then comment, so you have a lot of input from other students RE the session in the comments spot for each video. Usually the clinicians talk about their sessions and tactics in the end of the video. I found it to be helpful!
  2. I was thinking (in all my potential free time post-grad...) 1. Learning some Spanish 2. Refreshing anatomy and phonetics and diagnostics material 3. Watching more clips on MasterClinican 4. Potentially (long stretch here, though) volunteering again at the pediatric clinic or hospital I was at before 5. Maybe reading some cool TBI/brain books 6. Buying some therapy materials at Lakeshore when coupons are out (I work w kiddos, so double purpose)
  3. I'll be entering a grad program this fall juggling IBS (chronic intestinal inflammatory condition). Not quite the same, but I do have to ask professors for potential accommodations. For undergrad I registered with DPRC (disability services) for test taking accommodations if needed. Basically, if I wake up vomiting/dizzy/bad cramping, but have an exam, I have the option to take it in a nice private room with unlimited restroom breaks as needed. I've never actually needed to use the accommodations, but have had to miss class/leave classes due to feeling ill. I've found that communication is key-
  4. You should check if your grad program has any Ipads for check out as a therapy tool. Or if the library has a technology check out system. I wouldn't be really using an Ipad for anything but occasional therapy, so figured I would just check one out until I was a professional.
  5. Do you see yourself wanting to settle on one coast or the other after the program? Also, CA weather definitely beats Boston (though I am a bit biased).
  6. I would spend a day really playing around with the financial components of both programs. What's the difference in loans? I eventually decided on my alma mater over an out of state program due to cost...in the end, the programs were pretty comparable. It was just easier to spot the problems in my alma mater's department due to having been there already, but I know problems exist within all departments.
  7. I chose San Francisco State! My alma mater, so already know program/clinics/professors A few friends attending program Parents an hour away Can live at home / commute the first few weeks while finding housing Job already here Friends/family already here Great dating potential with tech boom Volunteered in spots where I could potentially do internships/CF Most affordable by far Awesome city that I haven't tired of yet Great clinical rotations and opportunities A school where people will at least know the name/where it
  8. I purposely ran for a "lower" position in my NSSLHA chapter that was still in the executive cabinet. (There were 5 positions in the Executive Cabinet (president, treasurer, etc) and then ten other supporting positions. I had a great year as Treasurer- still in an important position, but A LOT less stress than if I had done President, VP, or Secretary! I think it was a big sway in getting into my alma mater as I was known around the department due to NSSLHA. Don't think it had much of a sway otherwise at other schools, because I had a lot of clinical experience that I highlighted instead
  9. It's totally normal! I am having some doubts as well, I wanted a larger adventure but am staying where it will be best for me. (Financially, family, friends).
  10. Trying to find a group for Eastern Washington!
  11. I can't edit my old post so: https://www.facebook.com/groups/506931359696295/ or SFSU Communicative Disorders Class of 2019! Keywords: San Francisco State, SF, San Francisco State University, Facebook
  12. Just made a facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/506931359696295/ or SFSU Communicative Disorders Class of 2019!
  13. I haven't! It's a little nerve wracking not having an "official" paper in hand (for me). How about you?
  14. I had five interviews (2 in person and 3 Skype). I was accepted into 3/3 of the programs I had a skype interview at, and 1/2 programs I had an in-person interview at. I was rejected to the other program I had an in-person interview it. The school I was rejected to was my first interview- not sure if it was my skills, or just the fit.
  15. @Maridele- you should email financial aid! I did and it turns out they needed a 2015 tax form haha.
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