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  1. @Jolie717 I agree, price is not directly correlated with rankings. Personally when applying to schools I was very strategic on the programs that I selected. For me the number one factor was location which ties in with price because of in-state tuition/grants then I considered the likeliness of acceptance. Rankings was last in my considerations. Which was the topic of this forum. Luckily, I'm in California so I had many Great programs to chose from. Watching the video you attached kinda reminded me of my mother and the things she considered to be important to pass down to me, one b
  2. I think you contact CSUN to find out if you in fact have to take extra courses. If so I would say CSULA. It also sounds like you are familiar with the program and already have positive relationships there. I would say it's one important reason why they selected you. Cal state LA is very selective because of their small cohorts so I think you'll do super well there. In a sense you'll have the opportunity to strengthen the relationships you have already eatablished. Even though commuting is going to be tough at least the weather is way nicer than the valley.
  3. Interesting ideas! I'm going to get a little philosophical hahaha. Ultimately I think it's human nature competitiveness that attracts many people to choose or really want the higher ranked school. It feels nice to say I went to the top school in my field, I worked amongst the best researchers..etc. I think if you are really benefiting from what the high ranking program can offer you to the point that it outweighs the $$ then you should do it! Personally like many people here, I don't want my future big life expenses to be influenced or hold back because of a never ending loan.
  4. @jmk I just called and they said they received my COC today so hopefully I get that official invitation to accept soon. I'm excited you created a group! Hi ISC, its nice to meet you and congratulations! I have not yet received that email where I can accept or decline. I believe it's because they need my COC on file first. I am also feom LA and I am looking for housing up north. I applied for housing however I don't know if I will get a spot. I am open for roommates to. I understand that housing can be pricey. We can perhaps discuss more about it in private mes
  5. Hi!! I checked my student center today and I had my packet! Have you heard anything else after you turned in the COC?
  6. I checked but nothing. I think is because I just did it a couple of weeks ago. It does say to wait 4 for it to be processed. Thank you guys!
  7. I see...well I am sure whatever you decide you will love it! I want to have financial aid information already, so I can start looking for places. By any chance do you know how much aid they offer?
  8. Yes!! I sent the COC today. I have no idea what's next. They haven't given me an option to accept in their portal yet. From previous years I understand this is the procedure. I have no idea how it works or what's next. I'm guessing if they don't get the COC by April 10 they will be moving on to waitlist? Idk ..
  9. That's hard. If it's financially possible then Eastern WA could be a nice change of pace. New scene would be helpful with your recent break up. If Eastern WA program gets you super excited maybe giving it a shot is not a bad idea. However, you might need your friends and family for emotional support? Idk. Familiarity is always safe. Not that it'll change your mind or anything but I'll be in SFSU!!...hahaha anyway I think wherever you do choose your going to be super busy and you certainly like it.
  10. Thank you! that's good information. This would be the first time I move away from home, sort of nervous. Have you chosen where you want to attend?
  11. I would personally choose the most affordable school as a whole (cost of living in the area, transportation etc). If you are between schools with similar cost, then I would consider the specializations each program offers. Honestly, the most important thing for me is getting the core education on the field. I think once you are out in the workforce you will acquire and learn from your work experiences, without paying 20K more. I think you will certainly have this if you choose to work in multicultural environments after your studies. Also, you choose to apply to certain schools because they fi
  12. Wow I'm also trying to figure out what to do in terms of living. Is super hard because I don't know San Francisco and I don't know what areas are good or if it's worth living outside the city. Will you be relying solely on financial aid and loans?
  13. Congrats @KennyCyrilo!! Its such a relieve. Any of you guys know if the program is completed as a cohort with same classes or everyone basically goes on their own pace? I forgot to ask about this in the interview.
  14. Thank you!!@pbandj Woww so when Are you getting the mail? On my letter they state I have to submit verification of COC no later than April 10.
  15. Congratulations!! @jmk I just got home from work and I also got a conditional acceptance!!! I am so happy right now! My first acceptance and my number one choice. Life changing day.
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