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  1. I was wait listed at WCU last year. It took them a while to get back to me, and when they did, they said they would be taking longer than expected to make decisions. I believe they sent me a final decision mid-May, though... so it is really late! I would try contacting them again. Maybe call the admissions office this time. Good luck!
  2. I agree with @Schatzie15!! I have never heard of a placement like that. Your clinical director should be ensuring that their placements are appropriate/safe and not crazy hours. I would definitely approach your clinical director to voice your concerns.
  3. It totally depends on you and your program! Many of the people in my cohort who are working off-site are thinking of quitting next year or have quit because of the workload. However, I know others who plan to work through school (babysitting, in EI, and working remotely). I work 4 hours per week as a graduate assistant and I plan to keep doing that through next year, but I wouldn't want to do any more. I am often on campus from 9 am to 9 pm, which makes fitting a work schedule in difficult. Graduate school is also really challenging (time-wise, sometimes emotionally, academically, etc.) and I need all of the little tiny pockets of self-care time I can find! For everyone considering working, I would definitely wait until you get to school, if you can. I know that messes up plans for loans but I really think it is important to see what YOU feel you can do--it's different for everyone. Also, I am SOOOOO jealous of your rent!!! I decided to move to Boston for grad school and I knew it would be expensive but OMG my rent!!
  4. I have a couple of friends who take notes by hand, but most take them on their laptops. I take them right on the PowerPoint slides. There are some classes (like neuro) where there was NO way we could get all of the information down in our lectures if we hand-wrote. If I have a tough test to study for I go though my notes and hand-write them. If you're anything like me and my cohort, you will become the bag lady/guy once grad school starts. We live on campus so we are always carrying a million things around! So it would be nice to have a light laptop or iPad, but not necessary. I'm really surprised that some professors don't allow laptops at the graduate level!! I guess you will need to wait and see if any of your professors have that policy before you make a plan.
  5. I second @SpeechGal1234--Boston as a whole has a lot of clinical opportunities in autism. Most of the big Boston placements take students from the big SLP programs--for example, we send about two people to Children's Hospital every 6 months, and they also take students from MGH, BU, and Northeastern, I believe. I am at Emerson, and some of our most impressive faculty members do research on autism (check out the FACE and LI+TLE labs). I would recommend you take a look at Emerson!
  6. I entered a school into the form where I anticipated taking physics, and ended up taking it at another institution because I found a cheaper option. It was not an issue at all. Also, if you are not able to complete your classes, Emerson is one program that allows you to finish them while you are in the program, but it may only be for non-SLP-specific courses. I will say, though, that you will already be extremely busy without having other courses to take!
  7. I don't want to overly worry you, but there is a chance that they will not look at your application due to this. I can't say for sure, of course, because it really depends on the school and committee.
  8. I don't disagree with the above poster, but if you have the option of either I would think a little further about it. If both programs are accredited, I think both would prepare you very well for a career. It also depends what you are interested in clinically. But I do suggest you do a little more research—for example, a school may not offer that cleft palate class but they may have more clinical affiliations than the other school where you could gain experience with cleft-palate. I would not simply go for program B because you are worried about not performing well in program A unless you know for certain that school A's environment is more competitive/challenging/research-focused/insert whatever adjective you do not want in a program. Good luck!
  9. Wouldn't it be more cost-effective to take the prerequisites through an undergraduate post-bacc program, rather than to earn a second bachelor's? I did not explain myself there, but I do not think there is a reason to get a second BA rather than just take the prereqs on my own, but correct me if I am wrong. I agree with your comment on it costing more to fulfill prerequisites as a part of your graduate program.
  10. I had a GPA lower than yours and LoRs ONLY from work supervisors (I had been out of school for a while and my job was very related to the field). I think you should do your research on schools that admit applicants with your scores and go for SLP if that's your dream! You are discrediting yourself way too early—apply! I posted a similar "will I get in?" post on here before I applied, so I am not criticizing you for posting this, but keep in mind that every applicant is so different and every admissions committee looks for different things, so it is hard to assess someone else's chances of getting in. I also felt similarly, thinking "if only they could see how passionate and skilled I am..." but I encourage you to not go into graduate school thinking that way. I am amazed at how smart, driven, and passionate most people in my cohort are!
  11. I agree with the previous poster—there is no real reason to get a second BA. I chose to apply to schools as an out-of-fielder without most prerequisites (but lots of relevant work experience), and that really limited my options of schools, but I was still offered a spot in a handful of programs. I am happy with my choice because it worked for me personally. Also, I am not sure why you would ask if you're too old! I am 28, and I am not the oldest in my cohort (although, yes, most SLP grad students seem to be fresh out of undergrad). I can't really comment on your worries about being able to handle school, because it varies so much from person to person. Some people find graduate school very stressful and others find it manageable. That is really only something you can decide, and perhaps an advisor at a local university can help you figure that out. I just finished my first week, and it is very intense and busy already, but I think it will also be completely doable. However, I am very passionate about and interested in the field, so I would make sure you are sure SLP is the field you want to enter before going through the process! There are so many great options in the helping professions.
  12. I am currently in my first year of graduate school and I did not have all of my prerequisites finished when I applied. I didn't have ANY CSD prereqs finished when I applied and I only had a few of ASHA's completed. Let me know if you have any questions about it!
  13. You won't run into the EXACT questions you practice, but you will certainly run into the same types of questions and/or concepts. Studying will help to practice the test-taking skills and strategies specific to the GRE, and get in the mode of thinking critically on the tests. I second loving Magoosh. I would really suggest taking the time to study, especially to kick up that verbal score. It's unpleasant but worth it!
  14. I have to take a million prerequisites this summer before starting But I'm still crazy excited!
  15. The Lenovo Yoga computers are good laptop/tablet hybrids and are relatively cheap. However, I don't think you will need anything other than your 4-year-old Mac. I will be using a Mac older than that. If it can run Word, browse the internet, and run PPTs I think you're good! Unless you have extra cash to spend and really want one... then go for it
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