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  1. Recently I've been considering going back to school for speech pathology. I have a B.A. in Psychology but I have been out of school for two years already and I still can't find a job. It's been really discouraging which is why I've been thinking lately about going back for a different degree. I've been looking at the schooling requirements for this field and I know that I will end up having to take about a year to take the prerequisites that I'll need to take before I apply for my masters. But the thing is, that I think now it looks like I have all of the classes that I would need to take to earn a B.A. except for all of the speech pre-req classes that I'm going to need to take anyway. So, my question is do you think that it would be worth it for me to go back and get my Bachelor's? I'm 27 now, do you think it would be worth going back for a 2nd B.A. at my age? Do you think I'm too old? Right now, I'm thinking that it would probably take me 3 semesters (plus one summer in between my first and second semester) to complete this. I think I'm just having a lot of anxiety about what it's going to be like. It just seems like it's going to be a really intense few years of my life and even though I do feel like this is something that I would be interested in doing, I'm just worried that I won't be able to handle the school aspect of it, especially once I'm able to start grad school. Does anyone have any advice?

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